Microbial Ecology

Postgraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

The subject of this course is the ecological interactions between microorganisms. Special attention is given to the relationships between the microbial food web, biodiversity, the physical/chemical environment (CO2, light, micro/macro-nutrients), and biogeochemical element cycles in the ocean. An introduction is given to the use of simple mathematical models in the analysis of such relationships. The relationship between bacterial physiology and the structure of anaerobic marine ecosystems, and the role of microbial evolution in global biogeochemical cycles are treated. Basic methods in marine microbial ecology are used in an experimentally oriented semester exercise. This includes selected molecular methods for the study of microbial communities.

Learning Outcomes

The aim of this course is to introduce the students to marine microbial ecology at the system level using a combination of theoretical analysis and experimental work, increase their knowledge and practise in the use of methods central to studying diversity, composition, and function of microbial communities, as well as train them in written presentation of research results.
Required Previous Knowledge
Compulsory courses in bachelor's in biology, or equivalent courses.
Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap
MIK202 (10 ECTS) (discontinued course).
Compulsory Assignments and Attendance
Lab course, including practical work, method lectures, oral presentation of results and written leb report (mini thesis) is compulsory. The lab report counts for 50 % of the total mark and has to be approved before written exam.
Forms of Assessment
Approved laboratory report (50%) and Written exam 50 %.
Grading Scale
The grading scale used is A to F. Grade A is the highest passing grade, grade F is a fail.
Course Evaluation
Students will evaluate the course in accordance with the quality assurance system at UiB and the Department. You can find courseevaluations in the Quality Assurance Reports.