Ninth Semester Medicine Medical Genetics

Postgraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

The MED9-GEN">MED9-GEN course builds directly on the competence and skills that the student has acquired in basic/formal genetics in MED3. The course will show how competence and skills in clinical genetics can be used to handle, diagnose, counsel and treat patients and at-risk persons in families with suspected hereditary disorders and syndromes.

Ordinary teaching in clinical genetics in MED9: One week of lectures and interactive sessions in Bergen.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of MED9-GEN student should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


  • The student knows with the most common inherited human disorders and syndromes as well as approach concerning care of rare diseases
  • The student understands the principles, use and cost-benefit aspects of laboratory diagnostics in medical genetics
  • The student is familiar with legislation and ethical aspects in medical genetics, including prenatal diagnostics


  • The student is capable of drawing and interpreting pedigrees in medical genetics
  • The student is capable of identifying suspected inherited disorders within a family, and calculating empirical risks
  • The student is capable of producing a report for the referral of patients or families to diagnostic service and counselling in medical genetics in Norway

ECTS Credits

2 ECTS credits

Semester of Instruction

Autumn and spring

Only for students that have studied abroad during MED9

Required Previous Knowledge

Completed and passed the 8th semester of the medical studies.

Studied abroad during MED9

Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap
MED9 Ninth Semester Medicine
Access to the Course
The medical degree program
Teaching and learning methods
self study
Compulsory Assignments and Attendance
Forms of Assessment
1 hour written exam
Grading Scale
Assessment Semester
Autumn and spring
Reading List

See link to digital reading list under Resources

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Course Evaluation
Every 18 months
Examination Support Material
  • Dictionary (non-medical)
  • Basic calculator without memory card and not capable of communicating online or via short range transmitters
  • Programme Committee
    Programutvalet for medisin (PUM)
    Course Administrator
    Department of Clinical Science