Åse Huus


Associate Professor


Department of Design


Åse Huus is an experienced designer, educator, and researcher specializing in visual communication. Her expertise spans editorial and book design, typography, visual identity, as well as design processes and methodologies, all of which she delves into through her discursive and hermeneutic approach. She has been affiliated with the Bergen Academy of Art and Design since 2001, playing a pivotal role in establishing, coordinating, and developing the master's program at the Department of Design from its inception in 2004 until 2013. Åse engages in supervision across all three tiers within the realm of visual communication, embodying a dedicated commitment to fostering students' self-development throughout diverse phases of both academic and creative growth. During her tenure at KMD, she served as the chair of the program board (2017-20). For several years, she has been a representative for the academic staff on the faculty board, serving at both KHIB and KMD.

In her pursuit of artistic development, she investigates the dialogic essence of the design field through visual observations, cultivating wonder, and embracing ambiguity. The collaborative research project CRUX embarks on a comprehensive exploration that seamlessly integrates editorial design, typography, publishing, and technology. This holistic approach serves as the foundational bedrock for constructing meaning, nurturing creative discourse, and evoking poetic expression.

Her project "Quiet Observations" explores the concept of proximity in a relational context, in various ways. In the video work titled "Sometimes a tree can tell you more than can be read in a book", these explorations were conveyed within an editorial framework. This video work has been internationally showcased as part of the group exhibition "Inside Wood" (Milano 2016)