Amy van den Hooven


PhD Candidate



Amy is a multidisciplinary designer who seeks to take a collaborative design approach in tackling complex issues related to health and well-being. Her background in design started at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, where she studied environmental design. She then completed her Masters in Design at the University of Bergen, where she developed a tactile tool kit to help people communicate the complexity of their pain. In 2020, she furthered this work by starting the Open Pain Lab, which focuses on designing methods that can help open up dialogues about pain and re-imagining the future of care more broadly.

As a PhD Candidate in the Department of Design, Amy is focused on designing and testing tools and workshops to open up dialogue about care and to create an example of what the "clinic of the future" could be. Designing to connect people and to create a safe place for discussing, questioning, and re-imagining pressing issues related to healthcare is at the core of Amy's design practice. For more information:






Co-teacher of Master in Design level courses at KMD, focused on participatory design and discursive design pratices.