Ana Cristina Da Silva Gomes


Guest Researcher



My main research interests focuses on gut-brain axis interactions and the control of appetite, feed intake and digestive processes in farmed fishes, mainly marine and salmonid species, and how this knowledge can be implemented in aquaculture.

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Research manager in the RCN project SwimFit (2020-2024)- Effect of swimming training in smolt; A basic study (PI: Sigurd O. Handeland, UiB)

Research collaborator in the RCN project ExcelAQUA2.0. (2020-2023) - Norway-Japan Partnership for Excellent Research and Education in Sustainable Aquaculture (PI: Ivar Rønnestad, UiB)

Research collaborator in the JSPS project (2018-2021) - Nutrient sensing and digestion in the fish intestinal tract (PI: Koji Murashita, FRA, Japan)

Project manager and principal investigator (PI) of the RCN project GUTASTE (2017-2020)- Evolution of umami taste receptor (T1R1-T1R3) system in vertebrates and its role in gut-brain axis communication (FRIMEDBIO mobility Grant no. 262096)

Research collaborator in the RCN project LeuSENSE (2017-2020) - Exploring leucine’s role in feed intake and growth under stress: from sensing to action (PI: Ivar Rønnestad, UiB; Grant no. 267626).

Research collaborator in the RCN project QMAR (2017-2021) - Unlocking the nutritional and technical Quality potential of MARine by-products in sustainable salmonid feeds (PI: BioMar).

Research collaborator in the RFFVEST project SalmoFeedPlus (2015-2018)- Improved feed for salmon through the selection of protein ingredients based on their functional properties (PI: EWOS innovation AS; Grant No 247978)

PhD project (2010-2014)

My PhD research was part of the LIFECYCLE EU FP7 project and focused on the functional development of the gastrointestinal tract in Atlantic halibut during metamorphosis.