Andrea Kronstad Felde


PhD Candidate


Department of Government


Andrea Kronstad Felde study student governments in authoritarian settings in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a special focus on processes of politicization and depoliticization. She focus on intra-organizational conflicts and internal dynamics within such organizations; the policy preferences of student government and their role as agenda-setters in national policies; and how student governments have framed the decolonial question at the time of political independence. Her work is based on expencive fieldwork at Makerere University, and her work also relies on interviews and historical archive material. The project seeks to understand how student governments have balanced the role of representing student related issues on campus as well as adressing mroe fundamental rights in society. Her study takes a relational approach to the relationship between student governments in Uganda and the authoritarian political context in which it is embedded. 

She is part of the NORHED II project "Decolonizing Epistemologies: the Disciplines and the University in relation to the Society and the World".