Barsha Gadapani Pathak


PhD Candidate, PhD student



Barsha Gadapani Pathak, MD in Community Medicine, is a Research Scientist and Young Investigator affiliated with the Society for Applied Studies in New Delhi. Her work focuses on a range of domains, including implementation research in child and maternal health, epidemiology, and expertise in qualitative research and scoping, systematic review, and meta-analysis. Moreover, she maintains a strong passion for promoting mental health, particularly among women and geriatric populations.

Barsha is currently making her contributions as an investigator in multi-country projects conducted by the World Health Organization, specifically in the realm of child and maternal health, and has published several papers in reputable peer-reviewed journals. Her active role in childhood pneumonia implementation research led to her invitation to speak at the 2023 Global Forum for Childhood Pneumonia.


1. Implementation research to promote the treatment of pneumonia in under-five children in a north Indian district to achieve high population-based coverage (Funded by World Health Organization; Co-investigator)

2. Implementation Research to Scale-up and Evaluate the Impact of Immediate Kangaroo Mother (iKMC) Care on Newborn Outcomes (Funded by World Health Organization; Co-investigator)

3. WHO Guideline Development Evidence Synthesis Group - Childhood Pneumonia Care and Management

4. Implementation research to develop an optimized model of comprehensive intervention package and delivery strategies to reduce population-based stillbirths in districts of Haryana, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. (Selected for funding by Indian Council Medical Research, Haryana site-Principal Investigator)