Benjamin Aubrey Robson


Associate Professor, Geomatics and Remote Sensing


Research groups


My research is broadly focused on using remote sensing datasets to:

1) Characterise and identify landforms such as debris-covered glaciers and rock glaciers

2) Assess decadal scale planimetric and volumetric changes

I use a variety of remote sensing techniques including object-based image analysis (OBIA), deep learning and machine learning, photogrammetry and topographic analysis, structure from motion (SfM), LiDAR and time-series analysis. I'm active in research in the Nepali Himalayas, the Semi-Arid Andes, European Alps, Norwegian mainland, and the Tien Shan mountains. I am also an affiliated external member of the Mountain Cryosphere research group at the University of St Andrews. 


GEOV/205GEO215 - Geographical Information Systems: Theory and Practice

GEOV226/GEO313 - Field and Laboratory Methods in Physical Geography

GEOV316 - Practical Skills in Remote Sensing

GEOV217 - Geohazards

GEOV325 - Glaciology

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SLIDEM - Assessing the suitability of DEMs derived from Sentinel-1 for landslide volume estimation 

CLAP - Research Program for Climate Action Planning in the Coqiumbo Region, Chile

JOSTICE - Natural and societal consequences of climate-forced changes of Jostedalsbreen Ice Cap



University of Wales, Aberystwyth (2007-2010) Geography, BSc

Universitetet i Bergen (2010-2012) Earth Science, MSc

Universitetet i Bergen (2012-2016) Physical Geography, PhD