Eivind Haga Ronold


Postdoctoral Fellow


Department of Biological and Medical Psychology



PhD and clinical neuropsychologist working on cognitive functioning in depression, currently doing a post doc in UiB. Research interests include clinical neuropsychology in general, and cognitive functioning in psychiatric disorders in particular. Hereunder, the relationship between affective material, emotional regulation and executive functions is of interest. Interventions for improving/remediating cognition, like working memory training, is part of my graduate work. In addition, I have experience in cognitive neuroscience; from gerontopsychiatry assessing various forms of dementia and neuropsychiatric illnesses, and child habilitation assessing learning disorders related to developmental- and neurological conditions in children and adolescents. Became a specialist in clinical psychology, sub specialization in work on clinical neuropsychology, in the spring of 2020. I worked part time as a neuropsychologist at a outpatient clinic for affective disorders a Sandviken psychiatric clinic during my PhD, and full time neuropsychologist at the department of neurology Haukeland University Hospital, from autumn 2023-spring 2024.  I teach in clinical neuropsychology with particular focus on dementias, learning disorders and epilepsy, and the Wechsler tests of general ability. 

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