Eli Kirstin Eide





Eli-Kirstin Eide is a member of the Norwegian Association of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers (MNIL) and a Professor of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design. She has been a faculty member of KMD since 2006.

Eide teaches Spatial Design and Interior Architecture, including topics such as colour, materials, lighting, form and the various effects of space related to its use and users. She is also a student advisor for the BA and MA programmes.

Eide received her training at the Bergen School of Arts and Crafts, Department of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, with a Diploma in 1978 and a one-year foundation level subject in Art History from the University of Bergen in 1979.

Following her studies, Eide worked as an interior architect for the architectural firm Aall-Løkeland-Ragde until 1989. After launching her own business, she founded the limited company EKE interiørarkitekter AS with a staff of six employees.

Eide’s research focuses on our experience of the environment, on what we experience as we move through space and how we are affected by architecture, light, colour and materials. In her book Sanselig Arkitektur (Sensuous Architecture), Eide discusses materials and techniques that can be used to make architecture accessible with regard to material properties such as vibration, acoustics, odour, light, colour, temperature, tactility, etc. Her project sheds light on the balance between aesthetics, functionality, architectural quality, universal design, materials and the environment.