Gabriela Lucia Wale Soto


PhD Candidate


Research groups


I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Education, with a background in education and critical sociolinguistics ethnography. My research interests lie in the intersection of communicative practices, higher education, gender and race dimensions and how they interact in the (re) production of social inequality in the university context.

My PhD research project explores the everyday doing of equality, diversity and inclusion in Norwegian higher education. This includes understanding of the processess and practices of creating and implementing action plans and strategies, and how individuals working with equality, diversity and inclusion do the work they do. I use Dorothy Smith's Institutional Ethnography, which is concerned with the relationship between texts, people and institutions, focusing on how texts coordinate and organise people's everyday activities. 

I am a member of FOMU (Difference and Power in Education) research group in the Department of Education and the Foundational Questions in Gender and Sexuality Research at SKOK (Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies). I am also co-coordinator of IMER Jr network part of IMER (Migration and Ethnic Relations) in Bergen. 




I teach as part of the UPED program mainly on the Equity and Acessability courses, including but not only courses around topics like Universal Design for Learning, Hidden Curriculum and Inclusive Teaching Practices.