Hicham Agueny


Senior Engineer



Hicham Agueny, Ph.D., is a senior engineer in scientific computing at the IT-department, University of Bergen (UiB), and a Team Leader at the NRIS organization (Norwegian Research Infrastructure Services). His particular interest lies in heterogenous computing involving GPU accelerators.

Hicham has a background in theoretical and computational physics and chemistry. He has been active in research for seven years at the department of physics and technology, UiB, where he was the main responsible of the postgraduate course “atomic physics”. Previously he worked as a lecturer of chemistry at the chemistry department, Sorbonne University.

Hicham is a sole author of many publications with a broad interdisciplinary scope – it goes from atomic physics, solid-state physics and chemistry to quantum information and high-performance computing (a full list of publications can be found here - https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2838-7422).

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