Jostein Bakke


Professor, Director Centre for Integrated Earth Science Education and principal investigator EARTHLAB


Research groups


Jostein Bakke (JB) holds a position as a Professor at the Department of Earth Science and is a member of the Quaternary Research group and director for the Centre for Integrated Earth Science Education (iEarth) and leader of EARTHLAB (national infrastructure).

JB is Dr Scient (PhD) in Physical Geography from the Department of Geography at the University of Bergen. JB has research experience in Quaternary geology, physical geography, glacial history, palaeoclimatology, geomorphology, and lake sediments worldwide. JB defended his doctor Scientiarum thesis ”Late Weichselian and Holocene glacier fluctuations along a coastal south-north transect in Norway – climatic and methodological implications” 16.04.2004 at the Department of Geography, University of Bergen.

JB has supervised 73 master's and 12 PhD students, extensive teaching experience from 11 courses, published 74 papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, reports, popular science articles and 103 conference papers at international conferences.

JB holds the Fulbright Arctic Chair Award for the academic year 2011/2012.

JB was funded through an NRC project called SOUTHSPHERE (2018-2024), SHIFTS (2009-2014) and X-LAKE (2007-2009), focusing on using lake sediments to reconstruct past climate variability in the Arctic, in Scandinavia and the Southern Ocean. Throughout the years, JB has been involved in projects in the Himalayas (GLACINDIA), Europe and Scandinavia. In the nationally co-ordinated NORPAST-2 research project, funded by the NRC, JB was a post-doc of one of the project modules studying Lateglacial and Holocene climate variability. JB was affiliated with a Strategic University Program (SUP) entitled «Norwegian paleoenvironment and climate as reconstructed from lake sediments (NORPEC)», funded by the NRC during his PhD scholarship.

Paleoklima, kvartærgeologi, innsjøsedimenter, georadar

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Paleoklima, kvartærgeologi, innsjøsedimenter, georadar

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Eg tek opp studentar som er interessert i tema knytt til geofarer og til paleoklima. Særleg interessert er eg i studentar som ynskjer å arbeide med innsjøsedimenter og som vil bruke EARTHLAB. Kom innom for ein prat så finn vi eit prosjekt som høver.

Eksempler på masterprosjekter eg har hatt (eldste fyrst);

  1. Trond Djuve – Evaluation of Geomorphological sites for national parks (2005)
  2. Lars-Ivar Folgerø – Glacial geomorphology in Lyngen, northern Norway (2005)
  3. Jarle Arnfinnsen – Glacial geomorphology and lake sediments in Melsdalen, Hardager, western Norway (2005)
  4. Solveig Skjoldal – Glacier fluctuations and sea level changes during the Late Glacial in outer Hardangerfjord (2005)
  5. Eva Bjønnes – Evaluation of the “Little Ice Age” at Folgefonna (2007)
  6. Torbjørn Eidsheim Bøe – Holocene glacier variations at Okstindan, Nordland, northern Norway (2007)
  7. Trygve Snøtun – ”Little Ice Age” at Okstindan, Nordland, northern Norway (2007)
  8. Inge Edvardsen – Holocene glacier fluctuations at Southern Folgefonna, western Norway (2005)
  9. Karine Gystøl – Paleoclimatic study of Bessedørbreen and Svartevatnet, Okstindan, Nordland (2008)
  10. Anbjørg Tolo – Study of inorganic sedimentation in a distal feed glacial lake (2008
  11. Lisa Sklett Larsen – Late glacial cirque glacier activity at Midtre Andøya (2009)
  12. Kjersti Moe – Late glacial glacier variations in Nøssdalsvatn, Midtre Andøya (2009)
  13. Andreas Roland – The use of GPR for calculation of erosion rates at the Folgefonna glacier (2010)
  14. Odd Inge Thorkidsen – The use of GPR as a tool for enhanced understanding of late glacial quaternary depostis at Anøya Norhern Norway (2010)
  15. Henrik Jansen – Late glacial climate at Bødalsvatnet, Andøya Norhern Norway (2010)
  16. Delia Kejo – Late glacial and early Holocene glacier fluctuations at Andøya, Norhern Norway (expected finished during fall 2010)
  17. Hella Wittmeier – Glacier fluctuations and sediment transport at Vestre Blomsterskardsbreen, Folgefonna (2010)
  18. Sara Beate Heggnes – The use of GPR for enhanced understanding for sedimentation processes in Nedre Finnkongedalsvatnet, Andøya, Northern Norway (2010)
  19. Hilde Moberg – The linkage between snow avalanches and climate along the fjord Sørfjorden in an historical perspective (2010)
  20. Marianne Veste – Holocene snow avalanches at Vatnasete, as detected by lake sediment studies (2010)
  21. Hildegunn Furdal – The Little Ice Age at the Folgefonna glacier (2010)
  22. Mariette Madsgård – Climate and extreme events in Polar Ural, Russia (2011)
  23. Eva Skulstad – Late Holocene glacier fluctuations in Lyngen, Northern Norway (2011)
  24. Pål R. Nilsen – Holocene glacier fluctuations at Botnabreen, Folgefonna (2011)
  25. Jeanette Gundersen – Avalanches along the rail way “Bergensbanen” the last 100 years – implications for future climate change? (2011)
  26. Solveig Otterå – Dating of rock avalanches using lake sediments (2012)
  27. Erlend Førre – The subglacial landscape beneath the Folgefonna glacier – mapping with GPR (2012)
  28. Arild Sunde Rinnan – Holocene cirque glaciation in Lyngen, Northern Norway (2012)
  29. Thea Ege – The effect of sea ice in the Nordic Seas on glaciers at the rim of the North Atlantic during the Late Glacial 2012)
  30. Kristina Skjoldal – Sea level history at Arnøy during the Late Glacial (2012)
  31. Benjamin Robson – Volume changes at the Folgefonna glacier during the last 30 yrs – using remote sensing (2012)
  32. Torgeir Røthe – Glacier fluctuations at Mitra Penisula, Svalbard (started fall 2011)
  33. Susanne Meidell – Sedimentation in distal glacier-fed lakes at Folgefonna (started fall 2012)
  34. Hans Georg Grue – Dannelsen av Mågeavsetningen (2014)
  35. Henning Akesson – Modelling of Folgefonna (started fall 2014)
  1. Ida Folkestad Olsen – Fjordsedimenter fra Sør Georgia i Holosene
  2. Idun Verfring – Identifisering av opphavet til minerogene avsettinger i sedimentkjerner (2016)
  3. Kjersti Helland – Hvordan skille glasiale sedimenter fra andre minerogene kilder i bresjøer (2016)
  4. Fredrik Karlsen – Geofysiske og sedimentologiske undersøkelser av israndavsetningen fremfor Esmarkmorenen, Rogaland (2016)
  5. Tine Sørbye – Connecting fjord sediments and climatic variations over the past 270 years, South Georgia (2015)
  6. Ragnhild Noreng – Lidarskanning av skredutsatte skråninger i Hardanger (2016)
  7. Helene Fjellheim - Rekonstruksjon av flommer i Vossovassdraget de siste tusen år (2018)
  8. Monika Øksnes - Flom i Vangsvatnet (2019)
  9. Ane Bjerkås - Holosen rekonstruksjon av Kongsbreen, Svalbard - en studie av passpunktinnsjøen Sarsvatn (2019)
  10. Melissa Langnes - Reconstructiong environmental variability at Leynavatn, Faroe Islands (2019)
  11. Thea Haugen - Flom i Tovdalsvassdraget (2020)
  12. Jonas Forsmo - Flom i Tovdalsvassdraget gjennom 800 år - Flomrekonstruksjon basert på sedimentkjerner fra Flakksvann (2020)