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Lars T. Fadnes is a professor at Department of Global Public Health and Primary at the University of Bergen and research group leader at Haukeland university hospital. He is a medical doctor and is a specialist in general practice as well as having a diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene. Fadnes has worked with research on dietary patterns and associations with chronic diseases and has had substantial international collaboration with researchers from the United Kingdom, Uganda, South Africa, Italy, Australia, the United States, with external funding from the Research Council of Norway, the Western Norway Regional Health Authority and DAM. His research spans across several themes, mostly focusing on nutrition and associations to chronic diseases, substance use and migration. Fadnes has more than a hundred scientific publications published in international peer-reviewed journals, as well as being covered in many hundred newspaper stories. He has also been central in development of guidelines both nationally and internationally relating to both nutrition and treatment of people with substance use. He is part of the Norwegian national advisory panel on nutrition (Nasjonalt råd for ernæring) and the Norwegian scientific committee for food and environment (VKM). He has received awards for research and innovation including the Meltzer award for excellence in the dissemination of research (2022), Young researcher award for health research in Western Norway 2021, Falch junior award for medical research 2021, and prize for research and innovation 2020 (Kunnskapskommunene), and has several articles on the Altmetric top rank list. He is the leader of HEMIX research group and Bergen Addiction Research, is co-founder of the Norwegian competence centre for substitution therapy (NORCATS), has supervised/is supervising >15 candidates (including 7 who has completed and 6 as main supervisor).


Diet and nutrition 
Eating and prevention of chronic diseases.

Clinical teaching in family medicine
Clinical teaching in family medicine and supervision of medical students and doctors.

Treatment and health outcomes linked to health care structure among people with substance use
Treatment of hepatitis C linked to health system and structure and impact on health outcomes in terms of quality of life, mortality, satisfaction with health care. 

Immigrant health
Health services use, morbidity and medication of immigrants. 

Experimental and observational epidemiology
Analysing and interpreting experimental and observational research. 

Doctoral dissertation
Academic article

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Project leadership

  • 2019--> Food4HealthyLife: Food4HealthyLife is a calculator to estimate impact of food patterns on health outcomes and will suggest impact of various types of food changes giving instant feedback on impact of diet related choices ( in collaboration with Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS). The Food4HealthyLife has received funding from DAM of approximately NOK 3 million excluding senior researchers’ salaries.
  • 2019--> Coordinating the multi-centre study ATLAS4OAT study (assessment and treatment of lung disease among patient receiving opioid agonist therapy). This includes three trials (BAReNikotin, FruktBAR, and BAReAktiv). The study is financed by the Helse Vest RHF with funding of approxiimately NOK 19 million (the Western Norway Regional Health Authority). Read more on
  • 2016 --> Coordinating the multi-centre study “Integrated treatment of hepatitis C virus infection among patients with injecting drug abuse: a randomised controlled trial (INTRO-HCV)”. The trial compares the effect of integrated hepatitis C (HCV) treatment between the opioid substitution treatment polyclinics in Bergen and Stavanger (intervention arm) with standard treatment provided after referral to infectious disease clinics among patients who receive opioid substitution treatment having HCV. The study is financed by the Norwegian Research Council and Helse Vest RHF (the Western Norway Regional Health Authority)(, funding of approximately NOK 25 million). See also no. NCT03155906:
  • 2016/7--> Established regional health register (LAR helseregister) for patients receiving opioid substitution treatment utilised both in Bergen, Stavanger and Sandnes and contributing to setting up a biobank utilised in the same area (Bergen Addiction Research Group biobank). Approved by Datatilsynet and REK Vest.
  • 2017--> Asessment of oral health among patients receiving opioid substitution treatment in Bergen (Tannhelse i LAR).

Other involvement in projects

  • 2022--> Coordinating the multi-centre study ATLAS4DEPENDENCE study (clinical trial) together with Kjell Arne Johansson and Fatemeh Chalabianloo (all three are co-PIs). The study is financed by KLINBEFORSK Helse RHF (the Norway Regional Health Authority) with a total research funding of approximately 20 million NOK excluding senior researchers’ salaries.
  • 2021--> Integration for health. The study is financed by the Norwegian Research Council (link to article)
  • 2020--> Bergen in Change (Bergen i endring, BiE studien, co-PI): Bergen in Change is a cohort from Bergen municipality inviting 200 000 inhabitants for assessment of various risk factors and impact on life in relation to various public health measures
  • 2016--> Changing health along the Syrian refugees' trajectories to Norway. Somatic and mental health relationships and implication for treatment. The study is financed by the Norwegian Research Council (
  • 2017--> FARBAR: Pharmacology Research project for Bergen Addiction Research Group
  • 2016--> The Methadone project (metadonprosjektet). The study is financed by the Helse Vest RHF (the Western Norway Regional Health Authority)                        (
  • 2016--> SELFIE (Sustainable intEgrated chronic care modeLs for multi-morbidity: delivery, FInancing, and performancE), financed by European Union Horizon 2020 grant agreement No 634288 
  • 2007-2011: PROMISE-EBF: Safety and Efficacy of Exclusive Breastfeeding Promotion in the Era of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. Funded by European Union Sixth Framework International Cooperation–Developing Countries, Research Council of Norway, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Norwegian Programme for Development, Research and Education, South African National Research Foundation, and Rockefeller Brothers Foundation. 
  • Professor i allmennmedisin (2020)
  • Spesialist i allmennmedisin (2017)
  • PhD fra Universitetet i Bergen (2011)
  • Diplom i tropemedisin (DTM&H) fra London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (2010)
  • Fullført legestudium/ (2009)
  • Fullført forskerlinjen (2009)