Laura Kind


Researcher, Researcher in the Center for Diabetes Research


Research groups

Short info

I am researching the molecular basis of gene transcriptional processes in the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. The ultimate goal of my research is to develop personalized medicine approaches for MODY and type 2 diabetes patients.

I am involved in two different projects, both related to the understanding of gene transcriptional mechanisms in the beta cells of the pancreas and its misregulation during the development of diabetes.

Project 1: 
We are investigating the molecular basis of the hereditary disease "Maturity-onset diabetes of the young" (MODY). Single gene mutations in specific transcription factors, e.g. HNF1A and HNF1B, can lead to MODY. We use protein biochemistry and molecular biology to characterize the molecular effects of HNF1A and -1B mutations to better classify variants regarding pathogenicity and disease causality. Our studies improve personalized medicine approaches in the diabetes clinic.

Project 2: 
The development, maturation and function of differentiated pancreatic beta cells depend on a tightly regulated gene transcriptional network controlled by a variety of transcription factors. In this project, we investigate protein-protein interactions between beta-cell transcription factors and their functional role in achieving sufficient glucose-stimulated insulin secretion. Insight into these mechanisms and their potential misregulation during diabetes may provide a basis for future development of novel diabetes drugs.


Student supervision

2021 - 2022 
Co-supervisor for MSc. student, Ingrid Lundal (Department of Biomedicine, UiB).

Co-supervisor for two students in the MSc. BMED320 project course, Marcus Langeland Larsen Nygård & Rezan Erman (Department of Biomedicine, UiB).


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