Marguerite Daniel


Professor, Member of the Global Working Group on Salutogenesis


Research groups


The strength of weak ties: how mentoring facilitates migrant employment

Resilience building among refugee children and families 

Development-related health promotion

Children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS

Social coherence

Child protection, local and global perspectives

Development hegemony and the global governance of aid

Theoretical perspectives - resource-based approaches: salutogenesis, resilience and positive deviance, partnership

Methodlogical approaches: qualitative and participatory action research

Geographical base: Sub Saharan Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, Ghana) and Norway


International Master’s in Global Development Theory and Practice

Health Promotion

Strengths-based theories and partnership

Qualitative methods


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Book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals

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Editorial work

Lie, G. Th. & Daniel, M. L. (Guest editors) (2009) Special Issue of Papers in Education and Development, 29.

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PhD Thesis

Daniel, M. L. (2005) Hidden wounds: orphanhood, expediency and cultural silence in Botswana. PhD Thesis, School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. Available at




The strength of weak ties: how mentoring facilitates migrant employment

Crossing the threshold from welfare to independence: transforming young refugees’ experiences of the process of integration (THRESHOLD)

Establishing a national learning and action network for refugees: Promoting inclusion, access to information, and successful transition (PIISTON)

Measuring the value of OVC programming using practices to understand critical moments

Evaluation of Balekane EARTH Programme, Botswana



PhD in Development Studies (2006), University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

Research Group: Equity in Social Welfare and Global Development