Marie Steine von der Lippe


Professor, Study of Religion




My research interests include religion, youth and education. I have specialized in religious education and religious didactics, and I am interested in controversial issues, citizenship, diversity, prejudice, racism, and politics. 

I completed a PhD in Religious Studies at the University of Stavanger (2010), as part of a larger international project, "Religion in Education - a Contribution to Dialogue or a Factor of Conflict in Transforming Societies in European Countries" (REDCo), funded by the EU 6th Framework Program. From 2012-2017 I was part of the European project "Religion and Dialogue in Modern Societies" (ReDi), working on how Norwegian schools dealt with the terrorist attack that hit Norway on July 22, 2011. 

In 2018-2021, I led the research project "School as Opportunity", funded by the Research Council of Norway, focusing on how religious and ethnic prejudices are perceived and used among young people in diverse societies, and on the role of education in preventing hate speech and discrimination. I currently lead the research group “Researching and teaching controversial topics”at UiB.

Since 2019, I have been chair of the board of the international research school Religion, Values, Society (RVS), funded by the Research Council of Norway, and academic advisor to the Holberg Prize School Program (2019-2023). 

For more than twenty years, I have worked with religious studies and teacher education, and have developed and taught at all levels of higher education. I have also supervised several master's and doctoral projects.

My publications include articles, chapters and edited books and journals. From 2018-2021 I was one of three editors of the journal DIN - tidsskrift for religion og kultur

Selected publications

Lippe, Marie von der (ed.). 2021. Fordommer i skolen: demokratiforståelse og forebyggende tiltak. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget.

Ipgrave, Julia, Knauth, Thorsten, Körs, Anna, Vieregge, Dörthe & Marie von der Lippe (eds.). 2018. Religion and Dialogue in the City. Case Studies on Interreligious Encounter in Urban Community and Education. Münster: Waxmann Verlag. 

Lippe, Marie von der & Sissel Undheim (eds.) 2017. Religion i skolen. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget. 

Lippe, Marie von der Lippe. 2019. Teaching Controversial Issues in RE: The Case of Ritual Circumcision. British Journal of Religious Education. 

Anker, Trine & Marie von der Lippe. 2019. Religion and conflicts: formatting religion in school. In Mjaaland, Marius (ed.). Formatting religion: Politics, Media, Education and Law. London: Routledge. 

Kittelmann, Karin Flensner & Marie von der Lippe. 2019. Being safe from what and safe for whom? A critical discussion of the conceptual metaphor of safe space. Intercultural Education, 2019:1, 

Lippe, Marie von der. 2018. The right to be exempted: A discussion of the relationship between religion, law and education in Norwegian public schools. In Rydving, Håkan & Stefan Olsson (eds.). Religion, law and justice: Seven essays, p. 145–172. Oslo: Novus Forlag og Institutt for sammenlignende kulturstudier. 

Anker, Trine & Marie von der Lippe. 2015. Når terror ties ihjel. En diskusjon om 22. juli og demokratisk medborgerskap i skolen. Norsk pedagogisk tidsskrift 2015 (2), 85–96.


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Professor i religionsvitenskap med spesialisering i fagdidaktikk

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