Marine Malet


Researcher, Researcher in Information and communication sciences - DIGISCREENS project


Research groups


Marine Malet is a member of the European project "DIGISCREENS - Identities and democratic values on European digital screens: Distribution, reception, and representation", which examines the role of streaming platforms in the circulation of cultural and social dynamics in Europe, and works more specifically on the French case.

In 2023, she completed a PhD in Information and Communication Sciences at the Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas, defending a thesis entitled "Contemporary concerns and impending futures in dystopian TV-series: towards the creation of alternative public arenas? Analysis of production, representation and reception".

Following on from cultural studies and mediacultures, she examined the social and political functions of dystopian series by studying their production context, the dystopian representations portrayed, and their reception.

She is interested more broadly in the connections between (science-)fiction, TV series, society and politics, and online communities, incluence and fandoms.