Marius Takvam


PhD Candidate, working in the Marine Development Biology group. Mainly focus on osmoregulation and acid-base regulation in salmonids and its relevance to aquaculture.



My main research interest is osmoregulation and acid-base regulation in fish. My professional background is in aquaculture biology and fish physiology where I have extensive knowledge within smolt development and production protocols for salmonids such as Atlantic salmon. My main methods include bioinformatic analysis (both at gene and protein level), enzyme activity assays, gene expression, plasma/serum/urine analysis and catheterization techniques. I also have experience with immunohistochemistry, western blott and cloning.

My PhD thesis focuses on describing and mapping ion transporters in the kidney of Atlantic salmon to better understand the osmoregulatory role of the kidney, which currently is unknown in this species. The goal is to better understand kidney role and function under different environmental conditions and during critical developmental stages of their life cycle. The knowledge gained here will be important to better understand how the kidney is affected in the intensive production protocols currently used in the Norwegian salmon industry. This is especially important due to the reoccurring issues with regulative disorders such as nephrocalsinosis and hemoragic smolt syndrom (HSS) which lead to severe salt precipitation and bleedings in the kidney of salmonids.

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