Michael Robert Tatham




Department of Comparative Politics


- Climate Change Politics

- Climate and Energy Transformation

- Policy Acceptance and Support

- Regulation and Governance

- European Union politics

- Territorial Politics

- Public Policy (initiation, shaping, decision-taking, contestation, implementation)


Bergen University (Department of Comparative Politics):

- "European Union Institutions, Politics, and Policies"
BA course (26 hours), together with Georg Picot, EUR 105

- "Regions, Federalism, and EU integration"
BA course (22 hours), SAMPOL 205

- "Democratic Transformations in Europe: Trends and Implications"
BA course (22 hours), SAMPOL 223

- Director of the BA programme in European Studies


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Politics and Public Administration chair):

- “Introduction to public policy analysis in comparative and European contexts”
 BA course (30 hours), SS 2011, SS 2012

- “European and International Dimensions of Policy-Making”
 BA course (32 hours), WS 2010, WS 2011-2

- “Theories of EU integration: from method to practice”
 MA course (30 hours), SS 2011, SS 2012

- “Regions, federalism and EU integration”
 MA course (32 hours), WS 2011-2

Monash University (Prato Centre):

- “Researching the European Union: Theories and Methodologies”
 MA Course (32 hours), 2009.

Academic article
Academic literature review
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
Academic lecture
Academic anthology/Conference proceedings
Academic monograph
Book review

See a complete overview of publications in Cristin.



UiB. The Structure Acceptance Nexus in Climate Politics (SANE-Clim). Principal Investigator. AkademiaAvtalen, 5 million NOK (approx. 450,000 EUR).



UiB. Designing a Refined Legal Framework for Offshore Wind in the North Sea Basin (DeWindSea). Leader of work-package (WP) 2. AkademiaAvtalen, 808,000 NOK for WP2 (approx. 72,600 EUR) (5 mil. NOK overall, approx. 450,000 EUR).



UiB. Causes and Consequences of the Legal Architecture of Climate Politics (LEG-ARCH). Co-Investigator. UiB, 3.5 million NOK (approx. 310,000 EUR).



UiB. Jean Monnet Module Action – European Union Institutions, Politics, and Policies (JMMA-EUIPP). Principal Investigator. European Commission, 30,000 EUR.



Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. European Regional Elite Survey (ERES). Collaborator.  Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), 150,000 EUR.


Centre memberships

- Affiliate member of the Center for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET -- UiB)

- Affiliate member of the Bergen Energy Lab (BEL-- UiB)

- Affiliate member of the Centre for Sustainable Area Management (CeSAM -- UiB)

- Affiliate member of the Bergen Offshore Wind cente (BOW-- UiB)



Main degrees

- PhD (EUI, Florence)

- M.Res (EUI, Florence)

- M.Phil (Oxon)

- Diplôme (IEP, Grenoble)

- Maîtrise, Licence et DEUG (Université Stendhal, Grenoble III)