Robert Kordts


Associate Professor


Department of Education UiB Learning Lab

Research groups


Broadly speaking, I am interested in the following fields, the first three of which are related to teaching and learning in higher education.


University teachers' and students' emotions

Starting with studies on students' academic emotions, I am interested in the emotional side of studying and teaching. Previous projects have focussed on the prevalence of the emotional spectrum of university teachers' emotions, intercultural differences regarding teachers' emotions, relations between teachers' emotions and their approaches to teaching, as well as teachers' emotion regulation strategies. In this field, collaborations are ongoing with colleagues from Germany and Norway.


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and related approaches

On the one hand, SoTL is a productive field for me by doing it myself (investigating my own teaching, including educational development activities). Studies have, among others, covered a lecture and a small-group seminar. On the other hand, I am involved in research on SoTL from a meta perspective, where we try to both promote the approach in the German-speaking context and to investigate conditions (e.g., the ways of doing SoTL) and potential effects of doing SoTL. For this, I have collaborated with co-teachers and researchers from Germany, Switzerland and Norway.


The study-program level

I am interested in how the study-program level can be understood in a way that it supports the teaching and learning activities on the individual course level from the students' and the teachers' perspectives. In addition, I am involved in supporting study-program managers in developing curricula. Collaborations with colleagues in Switzerland and Norway are fruitful in this field.


Original discipline: Psychology 

In my original discipline, psychology, I did research on the implicit associations underlying alcohol abuse (my Diplom thesis), on motivational characteristics of the emotion relief (my PhD thesis) as well as on the cognitive processing of negated information. All of these projects were done at the University of Würzburg and Maastricht University.


University Pedagogy/Educational Development/Hochschuldidaktik

I am currently teaching at the Program for University Pedagogy at the University of Bergen. Here, I am responsible for the following courses:

  • UPED 601: Documenting and Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness (English/Norwegian)
  • UPED 602: Pedagogical Project (English/Norwegian)
  • UPED 659B: Leveraging Large Language Models and Artifical Intelligence for Teaching and Learning (English)
  • UPED 691: Becoming a Supervisor (English)
  • UPED 695: Project Management for Bachelor and Master Thesis Supervision (English)

From fall 2023 on, I am teaching university pedagogy courses at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS).

In addition, I facilitate educational development courses at other European universities.


University Teaching

In the past, I have taught in psychology both from a basic and an applied perspective, among others:

  • Educational Psychology (Paderborn University, University of St.Gallen)
  • Emotion (Paderborn University)
  • Interaction in Leadership Situations (University of St.Gallen)
  • Pedagogical Project in Teacher Practicum (Paderborn University)


Student Supervision

I have supervised ca. 30 bachelor and master theses and have been involved in eight PhD supervision processes and committees.


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