Rukman Manapurath


PhD Candidate



Dr. Rukman Manapurath, MBBS, MD, is an Early Career Research Scientist at the Society for Applied Studies (Centre for Health Research and Development), which is a WHO Collaborating Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research, based in New Delhi, India. His research is primarily focused on the metabolic health of children and the intriguing field of early-life metabolic programming.

Over the years, Dr. Manapurath has contributed significantly to the scientific community with numerous publications in esteemed peer-reviewed journals. His work in the field of nutrition was recognized in 2022 when he was honored with the Early Career Global Nutrition Award by the American Society for Nutrition. His areas of expertise are child and maternal nutrition, nutritional epidemiology, cardiovascular risk assessment, and big data analysis.

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List of published work in my bibliography 

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1. Impact of an integrated health, nutrition and early child stimulation and responsive care intervention package delivered to preterm or term small for gestational age babies during infancy on growth and neurodevelopment, a community based Randomized Controlled Trial, funded by CISMAC Norway (Co-Investigator)

2. Effect of India-tailored Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation compared to IFA supplementation during pregnancy on Maternal Anemia & Birth Outcomes: A Multi-Centre Community based RCT (Site Co-Investigator)

3. WHO Guideline Development Evidence Synthesis Group - Childhood Pneumonia care