Samantha Leanne Smith


Guest Researcher


Research groups


Art and visual culture in early modern Europe

Art theory.

Blindness as a metaphor

Early modern antiquarianism and the origins of modern archaeology and history. 

Early history of the botanical garden.

Images as a universal language.

Image science

Labels and labelling of museum and art objects.

Origins of the museum.



Representations of blindness in art and literature.

Scientific illustration 

Visual Culture

Veneration of images



I have taught on a number of Art History courses at UiB including:

  • KUN 135 – Early Modern culture and art history.
  • KUN 209 - Art, Rhetoric and Traditions of Learning in the Pre- and Early Modern Period.
  • KUN 132 - Art, Architecture and Visual Culture in the Middle Ages. 
  • KUN 201 - Art Theory, Aesthetics and Historiography.
  • KUN 312 - Histography and Theory.
  • KUN 132 - Art, Architecture and Visual Culture in the Middle Ages.
  • KUN 121 – Art and Architecture in Antiquity and the Middle Ages (600B.C - 1400AD)
  • KUN 123 – Modern Visual arts, Architecture, and Visual Culture (1750-1900) 
Academic anthology/Conference proceedings
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
Academic article

See a complete overview of publications in Cristin.

 Forthcoming Publications

'Chastising the Eye in the 'Golden Age'. The image of blind Tobit in seventeenth-century Netherlands.' In Material Cultures of Devotion in the Age of the Reformations. Eds. L. K. Skinnebach, S. Ryan and S. L. Smith (Peeters, 2021).

Material Cultures of Devotion in the Age of the Reformations. Co-edited with L. K. Skinnebach and S. Ryan. 

Encyclopaedia Contributions

'Likkleddet i Torino' Store Norske Leksikon. (2019)

Master's Thesis

Painting Blindness and Obscuring Vision: Rembrandt and the senses’. 2014, (MA Thesis)


 Current PhD project with preliminary title: 'Translating the Image: The Holy Shroud in sixteenth-century Bologna.' 


Current book project: Material Cultures of Devotion in the Age of Reformations.forthcoming


Gjesteforelesninger og konferanse paper

Høst, 2019

‘Truth and the Transunto’. Presented at ‘The Art of Truth. Providing evidence in Early Modern Bologna’, at The Norwegian Institute in Rome.

Høst, 2019

 ‘The imprinted body and its copies’ project presentation at ‘The Body in Translation’ project, CAS, Oslo.

Høst, 2019

‘Index of an absent wound’ – a seminar on Georges Didi- Huberman. Guest lecture and discussion for Estetisk lesesirkel, UiB.

Vår, 2019

‘Late Sixteenth-century copies of the Holy shroud’ paper presented at ENID biannual meeting. Groningen Netherlands.

Høst, 2018

 ‘The Shroud and the Pineapple: The use of images in sixteenth-century Bologna’ presentation given at the Norwegian Institute in Rome.

Vår, 2017

‘Gabriele Paleotti’s Discorso intorno imagini sacre e profane’ paper presented at ENID Conference, the Norwegian Institute in Athens.

Vår, 2017

'Defining an Image and Creating a cultural- historical lens: Paleotti and W. J. T Mitchell', Guest Lecture at University of Oslo.

Vår, 2015

'Understandings of vision, blindness and touch in the late sixteenth century', ENID conference, Huysburg





Images of Knowlege - The research group Images of Knowledge is an interdisciplinary research group which focuses on images in knowledge contexts, both historical and contemporary, with an emphasis on visual representations of various forms of knowledge.

ENID - An international network researching the instrumentality of Christian piety and devotional practices, from 14th century ‘Devotio Moderna’ to Vatican II in the 20th century.