Thibaut Barreyre



My research focuses on the interplay between fluid flow and geological and oceanographic processes in porous media. I approach this topic through a mix of observational work (field and laboratory), data analysis, and modeling (analytical and numerical) with the aim of integrating and reconciling complex flow observations into a coherent theoretical framework. I am especially interested in the mechanisms that perturb -periodically or episodically- fluid flow by changing the thermal and/or stress conditions of the sub-surface crust on short time scales.

My research in three key areas: (i) heat and mass fluxes at deep-sea hydrothermal systems, (ii) the dynamics and variability of hydrothermal flow, and (iii) cause-and-effect relationships between flow variations and sub-surface processes. Each of these three components represents a key piece of the overall puzzle of reconciling observed variability and dynamics of hydrothermal systems with realistic models of sub-surface processes and flow conditions.

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