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Publications in Per-Review Journals

Urke, H.A., Arnekleiv, J.V., Nilsen, T.O., Nilssen, K.J. (2014). Development of seawater tolerance and subsequent downstream migration in wild and stocked young-of-the-year derived Atlantic salmon Salmo salar. Journal of Fish Biology 84, 178 - 192.

Handeland, S.O., Ebbesson, L.O.E., Nilsen, T.O., Hosfeld, C.D., Teien, H.C., Stefansson, S.O. (2014). Osmoregulation and growth in wild Atlantic salmon smolts at different temperatures. Environmental Biology of Fishes EBFI-D-12-02989 (in press).

Nilsen, T.O., Ebbesson, L.O.E., Handeland, S.O., Kroglund, K., Finstad, B., Angotzi, A.R., Stefansson, S.O. (2013) Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) smolts require more than two weeks to recover from acidic water and aluminium exposure. Aquatic Toxicology 142-143, 33-34.

Salvanes, A.G.V., Moberg, O., Ebbesson, L.O.E., Nilsen, T.O., Jensen, K.H., Skorping, A., Braithwaite, V.A. (2013). Environmental enrichment promotes neural plasticity and cognitive ability in fish. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 280: 20131331.

Grassie, C., Braithwaite, V.A., Nilsson, J., Nilsen, T.O., Teien, H.C., Handeland, S.O., Stefansson, S.O., Tronci, V., Ebbesson, L.O.E. (2012). Aluminum exposure impacts brain plasticity and behavior in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Journal of Experimental Biology 216, 3148-3155.

Angotzi, A.R., Stefansson, S.O., Nilsen, T.O., Rathore, R.M., Rønnestad, I. (2013). Molecular cloning and genomic characterization of novel Leptin-like genes in salmonids provide new insight into the evolution of the Leptin gene family. General and comparative endocrinology 187, 48-59.

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Stefansson, S.O., Haugland, M., Björnsson, B.Th., McCormick, S.D., Holm, M., Ebbesson, L.O.E., Holst, J.C., Nilsen, T.O., (2012). Growth, osmoregulation and endocrine changes in wild Atlantic salmon post-smolts during marine migration. Aquaculture 362-363, 127-136.

Kroglund, K., Finstad, B., Pettersen, K., Teien, H.C., Salbu, B., Rosseland, Rosseland, B.O., Nilsen, T.O., Stefansson, S.O., Ebbesson, L.O.E., Nilsen, R., Bjørn, P.A., Kristensen, T., (2012). Recovery rates in Atlantic salmon smolt following aluminum exposure defined by changes in blood physiology and seawater tolerance. Aquaculture 362-363, 232-240.

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Kling, P., Bergman, E.J., Nilsen, T.O., Einarsdottir, I.E., Rønnestad, I., Stefansson, S.O., Björnsson, B.Th. (2012). The role of growth hormone in growth, lipid homeostasis, energy utilization and partitioning in rainbow trout: interactions with insulin-like growth factor I, ghrelin and leptin. General and comparative endocrinology 175, 153-162.

Ebbesson, L.O.E., Nilsen, T.O., Helvik, J.V., Tronci, V., Stefansson, S.O. (2011). Corticotropin-releasing factor neurogenesis during midlife development in salmon: genetic, environment and thyroid hormone regulation. Journal of Neuroendocrinology 23, 733-741.

Murashita, K., Jordal, A. E. O., Nilsen, T.O., Stefansson, S.O., Kurokawa, T., Björnsson, B.Th., Gamst-Moen, A.G., Rønnestad, I., (2010). Leptin reduces Atlantic salmon growth through the central pro-opiomelanocortin pathway. Comparative Biochemistry and physiology Part A 158, 79-86.

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Tipsmark, C.K., Kiilerich, P., Nilsen, T.O., Ebbesson, L.O.E., Stefansson, S.O., Madsen, S.S. (2008). Branchial Expression Patterns of Claudin Isoforms in Atlantic Salmon During Seawater Acclimation and Smoltification. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 294, R1563-R1574.

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Nilsen, T.O., Ebbesson, L.O.E., Stefansson, S. O., 2003. Smolting in anadromous and landlocked strains of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Aquaculture 222, 71-82.

Book Chapter

Stefansson, S.O., Bjerknes, V., Bjørn, P.A., Bæverfjord, G., Finn, R.N., Finstad, B., Fivelstad, S., Handeland, S.O., Hosfeld, C.D., Kristensen, T., Kroglund, K., Nilsen, T.O., Rosseland, B.O., Rosten, T., Salbu, B., Teien, H.C., Toften, H., Åtland, Å. (2007). Fysiologiske egenskaper ved rogn, yngel og smolt. In: Bjerknes, V. (ed), Vannkvalitet og smoltproduksjon: Juul forlag 2007. ISBN 978-82-8090-018-0. s. 94-123. (In Norwegian).

Publications in popular Science Journals

Nilsen, T.O., Ebbesson, L.O.E., Kverneland, O.G., Kroglund, F., Finstad, B., Stefansson, S.O. (2010). Ny metode kan påvise skader hos laksesmolt som er utsatt for aluminiumsrikt surt vann. pH-status nr. 4, 12-13 (in norwegian)

Kroglund F., Finstad, B., Pettersen, K., Rosseland, B.O., Bjørn, P.A., Teien, T.C., Salbu, B., Nilsen, T.O., Stefansson, T.O., Ebbesson, L.O., Nilsen, R., Kristiansen, T., (2010) Forsurigsskader og helbredningstid for laksesmolt. pH-status nr.1, 6-7 (in Norwegian)

Stefansson, S.O. and Nilsen, T.O. (2012). The smolt probe – novel tools for assessment of smolt quality and marine performance in Atlantic salmon. Public Service Review: European Union, 23, page 472.




2007 Ph.D. fra Universitetet i Bergen, Institutt for biologi. Avhandling “Molecular and endocrine aspects of hypo-osmoregulatory development in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.),” ISBN 978-82-308-0456-8.

2002 Cand. Cient., fra Universitetet i Bergen, Institutt for fiskeri- og marinbiologi

1999 Høyskolekandidat i akvakultur fra Høyskolen i Sogndal.