Anne Katrine Bang


Professor, Historie


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2021-2025: MPRinT@EAST_AFRICA. Islamic Manuscript, Print and Practice: Textual Adaptations in coastal East Africa, c. 1880-2020. Funded by the Norwegian Research Council, Ground-breaking Research.


2021-2025: The Invisible Ceiling. Muslim immigrant entrepeneurs navigate the Norwegian financial environment. Project located at Chr. Michelsen Institute.




Preserving Pious Print. Digitising Early Islamic Print in the Maalim Idris Collection, Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Manuscript Collection of the Riyadha Mosque in Lamu, Kenya 

From transmission of tradition to global learning: African Islamic Education from 1800-2000. 

Linking Global Cities, tracing local practices. Islamic Literature and networks in the South-Western Indian Ocean, 1800-2000. 

In the Wake of Colonialism. Norwegian commercial interests in Colonial Africa and Oceania.