Jessica Tengvall




Det matematisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet


Working on uncertainties in population dynamics (particularly natural mortality) impacting stock assessments and management 

My work involves understanding uncertainties in population dynamics, particularly focusing on natural mortality. This involves both predation natural mortality, general uncertainties in natural mortality, and how this impacts stock assessments and management. 

The aim is to assess the degree of bias in stock assessment models, reference points, catch advice, and management strategies that incorrect values of natural mortality might impose. Results from this can be used to devise strategies for minimizing any bias that might be occurring. Supervisors: Katja Enberg; Fabian Zimmermann, Institute of Marine Research; David Miller, ICES; Erling Kåre Stenevik, Institute of Marine Research

Keywords: Uncertainties, population dynamics, natural mortality, stock assessment, management 


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During PhD

- BIO100: Basic evolution and ecology

- SDG214: Sustainable life below water

- SDG200: Ocean-Climate-Society: Sustainability summer course

- BIO300: Academic writing

During MSc

- Population ecology

- Geographic information systems (GIS)