Mali Husby Rosnes





Bridging the catalysis gap

My research is focused on briding the so-called catalysis gap, where I aim to combine the best of homogeneous and heterogenenous catalysis. Specifically I aim to produce homogeneous catalytic systems tethered to polyoxometalates (POMs), where the high activity and selectivity of homogeneous catalysis is combined with POM-based easy recovery and recycling. 

Polyoxometalates (POMs) are metal-oxide clusters of early transition metals. POMs have seemingly endless structural versatility, with a wide range of physical properties. POMs have the ability to form structures varying in size from the nano- to the micro-meter scale. POM chemistry is an emerging area that promises the development of sophisticated materials and devices. The applications of POMs are based on their unique properties, and potential applications include medicine, coatings, sensors, catalysts and electrochemistry to mention a few.

To successfully utilise the great potential associated with POMs we aim to synthesise novel materials with specific applications in mind. One particularly interesting application is to use POMs as catalysts in the conversion of carbon dioxide to make value-added chemicals.

My research project "Recyclable Catalysts for Sustainable Polymers from CO2 and Bio-based Epoxides" (ReCat4Polymer), is funded as a Starting Grant by the Trond Mohn Foundation and the University of Bergen. ReCat4Polymer are investigating the potential for using POMs as catalysts bridging the gap between homogeneous and hetereogeneous catalysis, for sustainable production of polymers from CO2 and bio-based epoxides. 



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MSc and BSc projects

MSc and BSc projects are available. Please contact me if you are interested.


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