Pelle Valentin Olsen


Førsteamanuensis, Associate Professor




I am a cultural, social, and transnational historian of the modern Middle East. My research and teaching focus on the history of leisure, labor, gender, sexuality, popular culture, and cultural production. I focus specifically on Iraq, but my work simultaneously explores transregional and transnational connections, highlighting everyday perspectives and voices often left out by traditional political and state-centered histories. I received my PhD with honors from the University of Chicago in 2020. Previously, I was a postdoctoral fellow at Roskilde University in Denmark, where I worked on the ‘Entangled Histories of Palestine and the Global New Left’ project. I came to Bergen via the University of Oslo, where worked as a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow on a project about the history of cinema in Iraq.  

On the basis of my dissertation, I am preparing a book manuscript entitled Idle Days and Nights: Leisure, Time, and Modernity in Iraq. The book, which extends the dissertation’s temporal scope from the mandate to the early years of the republican period, argues that leisure in twentieth century Iraq became one of several frontiers upon which the individual and citizen came into contact with, confronted, and interacted with new ideas about gender, sexuality, class, time, labour, and discipline. The book draws upon my dissertation wherein I traced the cultural, transregional, and transnational history of new urban practices of leisure in Baghdad. Idle Days and Nights draws on Arabic and Hebrew archival records, fiction and poetry, photography, popular song and music, periodicals, and published works held in institutions in Lebanon, Iraq, the UK, Italy, Israel, and the US. Examining the new institutions, practices, and distractions of leisure that took up increasing space and time in the life of Iraqis, the book explores uncharted aspects of both modern Iraqi and Middle Eastern history.  

My second project, “Iraqi Cinema Beyond the Screen,” explores the history of cinema in Iraq, a subject that has received virtually no scholarly attention. This project is a cultural, material, and transnational history of cinema, technology, labour, capital, and infrastructure in twentieth-century Iraq. The project interrogates the transnational circulation of cultural products and material objects, including films and technology, and explores how they came together at a particular historical moment with capital, performers, and people with technical skills to establish cinema as a form of leisure in Iraq. The project also maps the local Iraqi capitalist and entrepreneurial elites, who invested in film exhibition and production technology.  

My work has appeared in edited volumes as well as in Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, Arab Studies Journal, Journal of Palestine Studies, Middle East Critique, Regards, Journal of Arabic Literature, Journal of Social History and elsewhere.  


  • Ph.D. (2020), Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago 
  • MPhil Middle Eastern Studies (2014), University of Oxford, St. Antony’s College 
  • BA Middle Eastern Studies (2012), University of Copenhagen  

Grants & Awards 

  • Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies Annual Graduate Student Paper Prize (2018)        
  • The Academic Research Institute in Iraq (TARI) dissertation award for Best Dissertation on Modern/Medieval Iraq (2021) 


Idle Days and Nights: Leisure, Time, and Modernity in Iraq. Manuscript under preparation.  



2024      “A Tale of Three Brothers: Ezra, Meir, and Hayyawi Sawdai and the History of an Iraqi Jewish Cinema Business," Intertational Journal of Middle East Studies, 55:4, 630-649. doi:10.1017/S0020743823001484 

2024       “The Riḥlas and Road Trips of Modern Iraqi Literature: Safa’ Khulūsī’s Abū Nuwās fī Amrīkā,” with Rachel N. Schine, Journal of Arabic Literature, forthcoming.  

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2023    Palestine in the World: International Solidarity with the Palestinian Liberation Movement, co-edited with Sorcha Thomson. London: I.B. Tauris.  



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2016     “Idle Days in Baghdad: A Brief History of the Coffee Shop in Iraq,” Standart Magazine, Issue 5, June.  


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