Yushu Li




Matematisk institutt


Time series econometrics  

Sparse Bayesian Learning

Wavelet methods

Statistical machine learning 

Statistical Surveillance


Lecturer and course responsible:

STAT250(V22 Cooperate with Pekka Parviainen):Monte Carlo Methods and Bayesian Statistics

STAT260(H20,H21,H23)/STATLEARN(H17,H18, H19): Statistical learning 

STAT240 (V17,V21,V23), UIB: Theory of Finance

STAT231 (H16,H20), UIB: Nonlife insurance mathematics

STAT111 (V16, V18 ), UIB: Statistiske metoder (Bachelor level. Given in Norwegian)

STAT250 (H15), UIB: Monte Carlo methods in statistics

ECO403 (V15,V14), NHH: Time series analysis and prediction

MAT013 (H14), NHH:Matematisk statistikk (Bachelor level. Given in Norwegian)


External grading sensor (2017-):

ENE473 Real Options Analysis of Electricity Markets, NHH 

BEA525 Financial Engineering in Energy Markets using Real Options, NHH

GRA 4136/41363 Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning/ Machine Learning for Business, BI OSLO

TMA4268 Statistisk læring, NTNU

TMA4900  Industriell matematikk /Datateknologi, masteroppgave, NTNU

IT3920/3903  Masteroppgave for MSIT/ Masteroppgave i informatikk: Kunstig intelligens, NTNU




17Bjørn Gunnar Hansen, Yushu Li, Ruohao Sun, Ingunn Schei (2024)

Forecasting milk delivery to dairy – How modern statistical and machine learning methods can contribute, (on line 15.Feb.2024), Expert Systems with Applications 

16. Ingvild M. Helgøy and Yushu Li (2023)

A Bayesian Lasso based sparse learning model, (online 26 Oct. 2023), Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation

15. Yushu Li and Hyunjoo Kim Karlsson (2022) 

 Investigating the Asymmetric Behavior of Oil Price Volatility Using Support Vector Regression,  (Online 06 May 2022), Computational Economics, 61, pp. 1765–1790, (2023)

14. Yushu Li and Fredrik N.G. Andersson (2021) 

A simple wavelet-based test for serial correlation in panel data models,  Empirical Economics, 60, pp. 2351–2363

13. Fredrik N.G. Andersson and Yushu Li (2020)

Are Central Bankers Inflation Nutters? An MCMC Estimator of the Long-Memory Parameter in a State Space Model, Computational economics, 55, pp. 529–549.

12. Yushu Li and  Jonas Andersson (2019)

A Likelihood Ratio and Markov Chain Based Method to Evaluate Density Forecasting, (Online 17 May 2019), Journal of forecasting, 39, Issue 1, pp 47-55, 2020

11. Hyunjoo Kim Karlsson, Yushu Li and Ghazi Shukur (2018)

The Causal Nexus between Oil Prices, Interest Rates, and Unemployment in Norway Using Wavelet Methods, Sustainability 201810(8), 2792

10.  Bjørn Gunnar Hansen and Yushu Li (2017)

An Analysis of Past World Market Prices of Feed and Milk and Predictions for the Future, Agribusiness, 33 (2), pp. 175-193

9.    Simon Reese and Yushu Li (2015)

Testing for structural breaks in the presence of data perturbations---Impacts and wavelet based improvements, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 2015, 85(17), pp. 3468-3479

8.       Yushu Li (2015)

Estimate long memory causality relationship by wavelet method, Computational Economics, 2015, 45(4), pp. 531-544

7.       Yushu Li (2014)

Estimating and Forecasting APARCH-Skew-t Model by Wavelet Support Vector Machines, Journal of Forecasting, 2014, 33(4), pp. 259-269

6.       Yushu Li and Simon Reese (2014)

Wavelet improvement in turning point detection using a HMM model - from the aspects of cyclical identification and outlier correction, Computational Statistics, 2014, 29(6), pp.1481-1496

5.      Yushu Li (2013)

 Wavelet Based Outlier Correction for Power Controlled Turning Point Detection in Surveillance Systems”, Economic modeling, 30, pp. 317-321

4.       Yushu Li and Shukur Ghazi (2013)

Testing for unit roots in panel data using wavelet ratio method, Computational Economics, 41, pp. 59–69

3.       Yushu Li and Shukur Ghazi (2011)

Linear and Nonlinear Causality Test in LSTAR Models: Wavelet Decomposition in Nonlinear Environment, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation,81:12, pp.1913-1925

2.       Yushu Li and Shukur Ghazi (2011)

Wavelet Improvement of the Over-rejection of Unit root test under GARCH errors: An Application to Swedish Immigration Data, Communications in Statistics, Theory and Methods. 40, Issue 13, pp. 2385-2396

1.      Yushu Li and Shukur Ghazi (2010)

 “Testing for Unit Root Against LSTAR Models: Wavelet Improvement under GARCH Distortion”, Communications in Statistics, Simulation and Computation, 39, Issue 2, pp. 277 – 286

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Involvert forskningsprosjekter:

2018-2021 “Strategic Risk Adoption in Real Options under Multi-Horizon Regime Switching and Uncertainty” (project number 274569). Funded by Finance Market Fund, Norwegian research council, project leader Yushu Li.

2020- 2023 “Assimilating 4D Seismic Data: Big Data into Big Models”. Funded by Research Council of Norway Petromaks-2, project leader Dean Oliver, NORCE.

2021- “Digital technology for personalised management and therapy of hypertensive nephropathy”. Funded by Helse Vest, project leader Hans-Peter Marti, Department of Medicine, UIB

2021- 2022 “Predicting Milk Production with Automated Milking System Data”. Funded by Forskningsmidlene for jordbruk og matindustri, project leader Ruohao Sun, Tine SA      


2022-2023 Utvikling av felleskurs og deling og utvikling av undervisning og læring i statistikk/ datascience/ maskinlæring, funded by UHR-MNT. Reference no. of commitment letter: 21/135-9, project responsible person Yushu Li                                                   



Supervised Ph.D. project:

(June 2023, UIB)  Ingvild M. Helgøy,  Sparse Bayesian learning methods and statistical survival models

Supervised Master projects:

(V12 Lund University) Simon Reese: “Are tests for smooth structural change affected by data inaccuracies?”, Co-supervisor: Fredrik N G Andersson

(V15 NHH) Midtdal S. Tollefsen &  Hans Thomas: "En analyse av regionale prisforskjeller i det norske boligmarkedet : en tidsserieanalyse 1993-2013" , Co-supervisor: Ola Honningdal Grytten

(V18 UIB) Therese Grindheim: "Time Series: Forecasting and Evaluation Methods With Concentration On Evaluation Methods for Density Forecasting"

(H18 UIB) Victoria Foster: Empirical time series analysis with focus on wavelet methods and economic data from Norway

(V19 UIB) Francine D. D. Rogowski: A Comprehensive Study of Kernels and Feature Selection in Support Vector Regression, Co-supervisor: Bjørn Gunnar Hansen

(H19 UIB) Fredrik H. Bentsen: Model Construction with Support Vector Machines and Gaussian Processes through Kernel Search

(V20 UIB) Elise F.F. Isaksen:  Generative and Discriminative Classifiers: from Theory to Implementation

(V21 UIB) Sandra Heimsæter: A Dimensionality Reducing Extension of Bayesian Relevance Learning, Co-supervisor: Ingvild M. Helgøy

(V21 UIB) Arne L. Waagbø: APARCH Models Estimated by Support Vector Regression

(V23 UIB) Mathias E. Ostnes: Modern Variable Selection Methods with Empirical Analysis,Co-supervisor: Ingvild M. Helgøy

2017-2022: 6 bachelor thesis (STAT292 UIB Project in Statistics)



Civil status:

Married. One child - Josefin S. (Born November, 2012)


Fall 2013        Basic university pedagogy course, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Spring 2013      Docent course (in Swedish), Lund University

Fall 2011          Pedagogical training course (in Swedish), Linnaeus University   

06/ 2011           Ph.D. in Statistics with special emphasis on Econometrics, Department of Economics and Statistics, Linnaeus University

06/ 2006           Bachelor in Economics (Major: Statistics, with direction in Actuarial Science), School of Statistics, Renmin University of China

Work Experience:

01/2016 -     Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen 

05/2016 - 04/2018   Adjunct Associate Professor (Docent, 20% position), Department of Economics and  Statistics, Linnaeus University

10/2013 - 12/2015   Assistant Professor, Department of Business and Management Science, NHH

07/2011 - 09/2013   Researcher, Department of Economics, Lund University

Institutional and External responsibilities:

2023-  Member of  research training committee, Department of Mathematics, UIB

2021-  Member of AIKI Bachelor program board, Department of Information Science and Media Studies, UIB

2017 - Board member (Styremedlemmer) of Norwegian Statistical Association 

2019 - 2022   Technical Advisory Board member for the project “Spider – 5G RANGE” funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020

2017 - 2021   Member of the Department Council, Department of Mathematics, UIB

2016 -   Evaluation committee member for around 20 positions (Ph.D., Postdoc, Associate professor levels),  Department of Mathematics, Department of Informatics, UIB and Høgskulen på Vestlandet

2011 -  Opponent and evaluation committee member for Ph.D. defenses/final stage seminar and Licentiate thesis:

  • 2023:  Evaluation committee leader for Ph.D. defense , Department of Mathematics, UIB, Dissertation Title: "Essays on Portfolio Risk Management and Weather Derivatives"; Opponent for Ph.D. defense, NTNU, Department of International business, NTNU, Dissertation Title: “Learning Approaches in Credit Scoring”
  • 2021:  Evaluation committee leader for Ph.D. defenses, Department of Mathematics, UIB, Dissertation Title: "Bayesian Variational Methods in Carbon Storage Monitoring" and "Conditioning reservoir models on vast data sets" ; Opponent for Ph.D.defense, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU.  Dissertation Title: “Ensemble updating for a state-space model with categorical variables”
  • 2020: Opponent for Ph.D. defense in Statistics, Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Stavanger. Dissertation Title: “Essays in statistics and econometrics”
  • 2018: Evaluation committee member for Ph.D. defense in Economics, Department of Economics, Jønkøping International Business School. Dissertation Title: Asymmetry and Multiscale Dynamics in Macroeconomic Time Series Analysis”
  • 2017: Opponent for Ph.D. final stage seminar (Slutseminarium) in Statistics, Department of Economics and Statistics, Linnaeus University. Dissertation Title: “Testing for Unit Roots using the Discrete Wavelet Transform Methodology”
  • 2016: Evaluation committee member for Ph.D. defense in Economics, Department of Economics, Lund University. Dissertation Title: “Essays on Institutions and Institutional Change”;   Evaluation committee leader for Ph.D. defense, Department of Mathematics, UIB, Dissertation Title: “Local Gaussian Correlation for Time Series and Regular Vine Estimation for Bayesian Networks" 
  • 2011: Opponent for licentiate thesis in Statistics, Department of Economics, Jönköpin International Business School. Licentiate Dissertation Title: “Assessing Distributional Properties of High-dimensional Data”

2016 -  Member of the Norwegian Statistical Association 

2022 -  Member of the Norwegian Actuarial Society