Mikrobiologi og immunologi for spesialistutdanning i odontologi



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Course description

The course focuses on structure, function and biological activities of the oral microbiota with special emphasis on how normal and potentially pathogenic microbial flora of the oral cavity contribute to both systemic and oral disease. Understanding the pathogenesis of these conditions, which involve both host and microbial factors, will lead to a better understanding of diagnostics, treatment and prevention.

General principles of oral microbiology and immunology, infection driven oral diseases, biofilm formation, virulence factors of the microbiota as well as standard and novel therapeutic approaches for biofilm control and host modulation in oral diseases, will be discussed.



The course will provide participants with tools to better understand the host-microbe interactions with regard to health and disease in general and oral infections in particular. The practical application of information about the role of oral microbiota in development and progression of oral and systemic diseases, will lead to better diagnostic, treatment and prevention of common maladies as caries and periodontitis.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer


The didactic components of the course involve lectures and a final exam (grades: passed/ not passed).

Final exam: Multiple choice test (grades: passed/ not passed)

Reading list

Wilson M, McNab R, Henderson B. Bacterial Disease Mechanisms. An introduction to cellular microbiology. Cambridge University Press 2002. ISBN 0 521 79689 X.

Lecture handouts.

Recommended literature

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