Organismal Biology 1

Undergraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

 Goals for the course is to provide an overview of the origin, systematics and evolution of living organisms on earth.

The student will be presented for general morphological traits in central phyla through lectures and lab courses. Classical dissection and microscopy techniques will be used to demonstrate the morphological structures and biosystematiske details of selected plants and animals. Cultivation and microscopy will be used to show morphology and occurrence of different microorganisms.

The course includes extensive laboratory courses.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, students should:
  • have a basic understanding of how organisms have evolved over time through Earth's history.
  • be able to reconstruct how simple life forms have evolved into more complex and multicellular forms.
  • possess an overview of the section of the main groups in the tree of life (domains, ranges and phyla).
  • have basic knowledge about the morphology and characteristics of the key taxa.
  • apply this knowledge to understand the individual biosystematic location, evolutionary path and kinship of the key taxa.
  • have knowledge about basic identification tools used to identify and classify central organism groups.

Level of Study

Recommended Previous Knowledge
Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap

BIF101: 6 ECTS

BIO111: 5 ECTS

BIO112: 5 ECTS

BIO113. 5 ECTS

Forms of Assessment
 Written exam
Grading Scale
The grading scale used is A to F. Grade A is the highest passing grade in the grading scale, grade F is a fail.
Reading List
The readinglistj will be available within July 1st for the autumn semester and January 1st for the spring semester.
Course Evaluation
Students will evaluate the course in accordance with the quality assurance system at UiB and the Department.
Examination Support Material
Programme Committee
The Programme Committee is responsible for the content, structure and quality of the programme and courses.
Course Administrator
The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Department of biological Sciences are administratively responsible for the course.