Global Theory

Undergraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content


The course aims to provide an understanding of major global health challenges


The course covers a broad range of aspects concerning global health. Focus will be on major global health challenges. The course will outline the interaction between health and poverty and between health and social, political, economical and cultural factors. Major themes are: Public health; Major diseases and disabilities; Global health and ethics; Anthropology, economics and health systems. Attendance in lectures and group work is compulsory.

Learning Outcomes


After the course the student can:

  • Explain differences and similarities between low-, mid-, and high-income countries regarding health and demographic development
  • Describe the human rights perspective for improving global health
  • Describe important global diseases and epidemics
  • Outline financial obstacles related to global health
  • Describe various ways to prioritize in the health system


After the course the student can:

  • Discuss how some important diseases affect development in the society.
  • Discuss how various interventions can improve public health
  • Assess problems the health system of low-income countries
  • Discuss ethical issues related to international health

General competence:

After the course the student:

  • Has a global perspective on being a doctor
  • Understands the consequences of globalization for medical sciences

Semester of Instruction

Required Previous Knowledge
Students who have finished at least two years of medical school or equivalent.
Access to the Course

Medical students at University of Bergen (UiB).

Students in bachelor programs at UiB. Relevant academic profile will have priority.

Application form here:

Teaching and learning methods
Plenary lectures, seminars, group exercises, discussion of films, practical training, observation of health care in low-income settings.
Compulsory Assignments and Attendance
Lectures and group work.
Forms of Assessment

The student writes and essay and presents and discusses it in plenary

Grading Scale
Pass / Fail
Reading List

Levine: "Case studies in Global health. Millions saved."

Skolnik: "Essentials of Global health."


Lindstrand: "Global health"

Markle: "Understanding global health"

Course Evaluation
Electronic evaluation of the course on "Mitt UiB" by the students, and oral evaluation in plenary.