From Innate to Specific Immunity

Ph.D. -course

Course description

Course content

The course is thematically focused, giving a deeper insight into one particular subject, and the theme is subject to change for each course.

2007 - From innate to specific immunity

2009 - The endocytotic pathway in health and disease

2011 - Winter School on Vaccines

Learning outcomes

* Knowledge

After completing the course the student should have obtained a deeper insight into a specific immunological field.

* Skills

- Beeing able to extend collaboration and networking.

- Improved training in skills like presentation technique, verbally presenting scientific information, critical thinking and participating in scientific discussions.

* General Competence

- Improved ways of thinking, communicating and interacting in a scientific manner.

Study period

This course is arranged biannualy and the dates are decided individually. The course is usually arranged in March-April. The course last from 3-5 days, with full day program. A detailed program is prepared before each course; please contact the course coordinator for more information.

Credits (ECTS)

3 (ECTS)

Course location

The venue for the course is usually a hotel or conference centre outside Bergen, this is decided before each course.

Language of instruction
English (Norwegian on request)
Course registration and deadlines
The registration deadline will be announced individually.

The student should be at graduate or post-graduate level (have a BSc or equivalent)

Basic immunological knowledge is required

Basic knowledge of human biology

Recommended Previous Knowledge

Basic immunological knowledge is required

Part of training component

Part of the formal training of the PhD education.

Form of assessment

No assesment.

Participation on the course is the requirement to pass the course.

Grading: Pass/Fail.

Course overlap
Who may participate

PhD-students specifically, but other students are welcome to participate.

Supplementary course information
More information is available at

3-5 days with full day program.

A detailed program is prepared prior to start of course, please contact the course coordinator for more information.

Academic responsible

Piotr Mydel

Bergen Research School in Inflammation (BRSI)

Broegelmanns Forskningslaboratorium, Department of clinical science


Piotr Mydel

+ Participants (students, researchers and supervisors)

Participation expenses

The course is arranged at a hotel/conference center outside Bergen.

The expenses for each participant may vary, the cost that have to be covered is: registration, food and accommodation, travel.

We are striving to provide travel grants to cover the whole or part of the cost.

Reading list

Any literature will be provided at the course.