Interdisciplinary Neuroscience

Ph.D. -course

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Course registration and deadlines

Deadline: August 30

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Recommended Previous Knowledge
Master Degree or equivalent in relevant disciplines such as psychology, medicine, natural science, information science, linguistics etc.
Part of training component
Primarily doctoral candidates. The course is obligatory for IGSIN candidates. Others may apply
Compulsory Requirements

Pass with 80 % attendance of the lectures, seminars and group work and demonstrations/ practical activities, and approval of course paper.

Approval of a paper (max 6000 words, APA style) reflecting on relevant theoretical and/or empirical aspects of a given topic. The paper will be evaluated ("accepted"/"revise and resubmit") by the course coordinator, an appropriate course instructor, or an external professor connected to the research school

Who may participate
PhD candidates. Members of IGSIN have priority. Limited number of participants due to laboratory facilities.

About 57 hours of lectures and laboratory demonstrations in 2 weeks.

Academic responsible
Professor Karsten Specht: