Midway Evaluation PhD Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

Ph.D. -course

Course description

Course content

Before the evaluation, candidates must submit a report on the project's status and progress on

  • Scientific acctivities and results
  • Publications
  • The training component
  • Plan for completion and estimated submission date
  • Any problems or other comments

The evaluation starts with a public presentation by the candidate. After the presentation, the candidate, supervisors and evalation committee withdraw for a discussion.

Additional information will be supplied by the department.

At the Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care the mid-term evaluation is organized by the Research Groups.

For each candidate the Research group will appoint a committee consisting of two members.

Learning outcomes

In science it is of vital importance that a candidate can present his and hers project in a convincing way. As the session has a structure as a scientific audit, the information provided by the evaluators will provide the candidate new knowledge related to:

1. The quality of the presentation.

2. How they should handle critics related to project.

3. The status of the project according to the project plan.

This will give the candidate more insight with his/her own project.

Study period

Spring / Fall
Language of instruction
Course registration and deadlines
Registration via StudentWeb (studentweb.uib.no) before Deadline, 1 February / 1 September
Part of training component
Mandatory part of the training component for candidates at the Faculty of Medicine with main supervisor at the Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care.
Form of assessment

Report to be delivered, and presentation and discussion conducted, with satisfactory quality.

A form used by the committee for its overall assessment of how the candidate stands in relation to complete doctoral training emphasizes several criteria :

  • Progression, publications and training
  • Scientific activity, results
  • Plan for implementation

The committee indicate potential adjustment needs to the plan.

Grading Scale:

Pass / Fail

Who may participate
All PhD candidates admitted to the PhD programme at the Faculty of Medicine after 1 August 2009 must have a midway evaluation.