Master's Project

Postgraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

The aim of the course unit is to increase the student's capacity for critical reflection and independence through specializing in a selected subject. The subject must be related to the student's creative/performance practice and revolve around a defined problem or hypothesis concerning musical interpretation, historically informed performance, analysis, exploration of a piece, composer, style or historical period or reflections on compositional issues connected to techniques and aesthetical expressions.

Learning Outcomes

The student should be able to:

  • Explore and narrow down a subject area relevant to his/her own performance/composition practice.
  • Express, discuss and convey relevant musical issues.
  • Find and critically process relevant source material (literature, scores, recordings etc.)
  • Be aware of and justify his/her own artistic assessments and choices in his/her performance/composition work.

ECTS Credits


Level of Study


Semester of Instruction

Autumn and spring. Course unit starts in the autumn semester and lasts two semesters

Place of Instruction

Required Previous Knowledge

Performers are required to have completed and passed MUV301, MUV302, MUV310 and MUV311.

Composers are required to have completed and passed MUV301, MUV302, MUV315 and MUV316.

Access to the Course
Master's Programme in Music Performance or Composition
Teaching and learning methods
Individual tutorials as well as some group seminars will be organized throughout both semesters.
Compulsory Assignments and Attendance
All tuition is compulsory. The student will normally lose the right to take the final course unit exam if he/she has an absence exceeding 20%. Approved compulsory requirements are valid for two semesters after the ordinarily scheduled exam semester.
Forms of Assessment

Presentation or digitally presented essay, where it is possible to use sound recording, video or own performance as demonstration or documentation, together with verbal (written or oral) presentation. The work must be in a format intended for archival or the lecture must be videotaped.

Presentation of approx. 60 min.

Final deadline for presentation/essay is 15 May in the spring semester (15 November in autumn semester).

Assessment by at least two lecturers, of whom one is external.

Grading Scale
Pass or fail
Assessment Semester
Course Evaluation
Evaluation is carried out regularly as a dialogue between the assigned tutor and the student.
Programme Committee
The programme board is responsible for the academic content, development and quality of the programme.
Course Administrator
Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design has the administrative responsibilities for the Programme.