Cardiac imaging in research

Ph.D. -course

Course description

Course content

UiB and NORHEART¿s course in Imaging in Cardiac Research is highly recommended for all PhD students involved in cardiac imaging projects; both to increase knowledge within own field of research and to expand the general understanding of imaging in cardiac research. The course will provide insight into state-of-the art possibilities offered by echocardiography CMR and cardiac CT for cardiac research. Participants will learn how to apply these imaging modalities for assessment of cardiac structure, function, infarction, hypertrophy and fibrosis.

PhD students will learn practical skills in planning, conducting and publishing of imaging studies from experts in imaging and publishing, both from Norway and abroad. Please se for more information.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this course, the candidate should:


  • be in front on theoretic knowledge of non-invasive cardiac imaging methods in clinical and experimental research
  • have expert knowledge on advantages and pitfalls associated with different imaging modalities in research
  • be able to contribute to development of new knowledge, theories, methods and analyses within non-invasive cardiac imaging


  • be able to describe, plan and conduct independent research using non-invasive cardiac imaging methods
  • manage complex research questions and challenge established knowledge and praxis within cardiac imaging research
  • be able to give and receive scientific critics on a high level

General Competence:

  • be able to discuss and evaluate use of different types of non-invasive cardiac imaging for research
  • communicate technical expertise and experience through presentation of own research
  • analyse and discuss scientific methodological publications

Study period

Spring 2021, 4rd to 6th of May 2021

Credits (ECTS)


Course location

Grand Hotel Terminus, Zander Kaases gate 6, 5015 Bergen
Language of instruction
Course registration and deadlines
Sign up via the NORHEART website.

Read provided course literature.

Submit one page abstract from own research.

Recommended Previous Knowledge
The course is mainly intended for PhD students or medical research students involved in cardiac imaging. Some knowledge of cardiac imaging methods is advantageous.
Part of training component
PhD (non-compulsory course)
Form of assessment

Participants must submit an abstract and prepare an oral presentation based on their abstract. >80% attendance is necessary to be allowed to take the exam.

The course will use the following forms of assessment:

  • Written multiple choice exam (Test of knowledge skills, weighed 50%)
  • Abstract writing and presentation (Test of specific skills, weighed 25%)
  • Scientific discussion (Test of general competence, weighed 25%)
Who may participate
The course is open for PhD students, medical research students and post docs with supervision responsibilities at UiB or members of NORHEART (Norwegian PhD School of Heart Research) that need competence in cardiac imaging.
Supplementary course information

The course will consist of lectures, group work and oral presentations given by the attendants.

The course duration is 3 days (1 ECTS credit).

Course reading list consists of 120 pages state of the art literature on the imaging methods covered by the course (25 hours, 1 ECTS credit).

Participants must submit an abstract (1 page) of their own project and an 8 minute oral abstract presentation of own research and of group work (25 hours, 1 ECTS credit).


Lectures á 30 minutes

International lecture á 60 minutes


Group work and presentation of own research


Academic responsible

Professor Eva Gerdts, Department of Clinical Science, UiB

From University of Bergen, University of Oslo, University of Stavanger and NTNU
Reading list
Course reading list consists of 120 pages state of the art literature on the imaging methods covered by the course. The reading list will be ready by March 1st 2023