JAM - Just a Minute. Music, Art and Design Stop Motion Workshop

Undergraduate course

Course description

Supplementary semester information

JAM gives the art students the opportunity to develop a stop motion film in direct cooperation with composition, design

students. This direct collaboration is to be understood as an enrichment in their own creative work, where the question

arises what comes first: the sound or the image? or possibly both at the same time?

This is left to the interdisciplinary working groups, who will find out in a joint working process. JAM offers the

opportunity to expand the senses by thinking about image also musically and sound also visually.

The common denominator for all participants is the involvement of time by creating a chain of images or notations,

which are then experienced as dramaturgy in the playback. The course will give the opportunity to experiment in the


The individual working groups decide which topic/material they want to focus on, both musically and artistically.

The workshop will be introduced and accompanied by a series of animated films, lessons, presentations and individual

and group tutorials.

Teachers: Herbert Wiegand(emneasvarlig), Gustav Kvaal (Design), Daniel Biro (komposisjon)

HMS: Video studio