Research Fellow Seminar (dissemination)

Ph.D. -course

Course description

Course content

The main aim of the research fellow seminar is to give candidates experience with participating in a scientific conference. Specific aims are to give candidates experience with communicating their research findings in a conference setting, discussing and getting feedback from colleagues, as well as giving feedback to others within different fields of psychological, health, and educational sciences. At a general level, the course also aims to introduce PhD candidates to the research community at the faculty including the other PhD candidates.

The seminar also focuses on research topics of relevance to doctoral education that contribute to the development of general research competence and transferable skills.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course the student should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The candidate

  • Has general knowledge of the seminar research topic, which is a chosen research topic of relevance to doctoral education.
  • Has specific knowledge of fellow PhD candidates' projects and research areas.


The candidate

  • Can give an oral presentation at a scientific conference.
  • Can discuss and defend their work in a conference setting.
  • Is able to give constructive feedback to peers in a formal setting.
  • Is able to receive and respond to feedback in a formal setting.

General competence

The candidate

  • Can reflect upon the challenges of communicating one's research findings to fellow researchers who are not necessarily within the same research area.
  • Has knowledge of what a scientific conference implies for the participants.

Study period

The two day seminar takes place every autumn semester (usually October).

Credits (ECTS)

2 ECTS Credits.
Language of instruction
English and Norwegian.
Master Degree in disciplines relevant to educational sciences, psychology, public health or the equivalent to these disciplines.
Compulsory Requirements
The research fellow seminar is a 2-day seminar and both days are mandatory. All candidates have to present their work in a parallel session. 20 minutes are set aside for each presentation, including a maximum of 15 minutes for the candidate's presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions and clarifications.
Form of assessment
Presentation and participation.
Who may participate
Reserved for PhD-candidates enrolled at The faculty of psychology.

Two full days structured as a conference with plenary lectures and parallel sessions. The candidates present their own project in a group setting. The duration of the presentation is determined prior to the seminar. The candidates will give feedback to peer candidates on selected presentations and receive feedback on their own.

The candidate can choose to present an overview of the project or one or more specific studies that are part of this project. The candidate can also choose to focus their presentation on methodological or ethical questions that relate to the thesis at a more general level.