Spanish Grammar I (online)

Undergraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

The course gives a thorough introduction to modern Spanish grammar with a focus on Spanish American variants of the language.

Learning Outcomes


The candidate

  • has knowledge of modern Spanish grammar.
  • can use subject area knowledge to answer theoretical and practical questions related to Spanish grammar.


The candidate

  • has deeper knowledge of the Spanish grammar system in relation to Norwegian.
  • has achieved greater insight into Spanish American variants of the Spanish language.

General Competence:

The candidate

  • can analyze subject material and draw their own conclusions
  • can further develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding through further study and in their professional life


Not relevant

ECTS Credits


Level of Study


Semester of Instruction


Place of Instruction

Required Previous Knowledge
There are no formal requirements, but all teaching will be held in Spanish and requires a good command of the Spanish language.
Recommended Previous Knowledge
An introductory course in Spanish or Spanish Level 2 taken in upper secondary school (VGS). It is an advantage to have taken EXFAC00SK Language and Communication.
Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap
SPLA101 (10 credits), SLAN611 (10 credits) and SPLA107 (10 credits)
Access to the Course
The course is open to students with admission to UiB Videre.
Teaching and learning methods
Instruction in grammar is given over a period of 8 to 10 weeks, with one digital lecture and one digital seminar a week, depending on available ressources. Central parts of the course reading will be covered. Student active learning methods are employed, and the students are thus expected to prepare for classes through a variety of learning materials as well as engaging actively in class and in after-class-work. Students might also be asked to prepare and give presentations in class.
Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

There are minimum two mandatory assignments on a selected theme from the course reading. They must be written in Spanish and must be completed within the due date. The assignments are evaluated as pass/fail.

According to the University of Bergen's degree- and academic regulations, the students are given one new attempt per assignment if one or more of them were not approved the first time. The assignment must be approved before the students can be assessed in the course.

The mandatory course assignments are valid for one semester after the semester the course was taken.

Forms of Assessment

In the course, the following forms of assessment will be used:

The form of assessment is a six-hour home examination written in Spanish + 1 hour technical time. The grade will be based on content and language.

Grading Scale
The grading scale A-F is used, where F is a failing grade.
Assessment Semester
Spring. There will also given an assessment early in the Fall semester for students with valid mandatory course assignments.
Reading List
The required course reading is primarily a grammar reference book. The reading list will be available 01.07 for the fall semester and 01.12 for the spring semester.
Course Evaluation
The teaching will be evaluated according to the quality assurance system of the University of Bergen.
Examination Support Material
There are no limits in use of Examination Support Material. However, students are not allowed to engage in any sorts of cooperation during the exam. The paper of answer will be properly checked due to laws of plagiarism.
Programme Committee
The program committee is responsible for the academic content and the structure of the program, as well as for the quality of the study program and related courses.
Course Coordinator
The program committee of Spanish Language and Latin-American Studies.
Course Administrator
The Department of Foreign Languages at the Humanities Faculty is responsible for the administration of this course and study program.