Nye media og performance: Extended Embodiment



Utfyllande semesteromtale

Performing for and with the camera

Teaching in week 8 - 15 (self-directed work in week 10 and 12)

While the concept of the fourth wall has been (and still is) a commonly accepted convention traditionally used in theatre, film and television, visual artists have early on broken these traditions by performing specifically for the (video) camera respectively used the camera as a tool to perform with. The proliferation of the smartphone and the possibility of self-distribution through the internet added yet another dimension to the use of the medium, that is to say also a new group of users as well as a new audience.

In this course we will explore the relationship between the (performing) artist and their audience. In particular, we will examine tools and strategies on how to record and document when working with performance and time-based media.

Through exercises and self-directed work, the workshop participants will develop and produce their own works which will be presented as performances, sound and video installations or short films in the end of the course.

Prerequisite for participation: HMS courses for the media lab and sound studio.

Additionally, it is expected that

participants will be willing to work in teams, and either create work collaboratively and / or assist one another during

the production of their individual projects.

Teachers: Lilibeth Rasmussen (Emneansvarlig), Juliane Zelwies

HMS: Media and Sound Studio

Mål og innhald

Extended focus and insight into timebased art.

The relationship between embodiment and performativity in various media-formats are discussed through examples of contemporary art and contemporary culture.

Through the development of an individual and/or a group project the student will aquire experimental knowledge of intermedial art and the use of time and format.



The student will aquire

  • A deeper understanding of the traditions and history of the timebased arts, the technological possibiltities and current developments in media-art and related art-forms.
  • Experimental practical knowledge from the development of artistic projects.

Generell kompetanse:

  • å se sitt eget kunstnerisk praksis i en større fagtradisjon.


Fulltid / full time.

Studiepoeng, omfang

10 studiepoeng.

Studienivå (studiesyklus)



Vår / spring.


Campus Møllendal / UiB.
Krav til forkunnskapar
Bestått to av emnene: MEME101-108.
Tilrådde forkunnskapar
Introduksjonsemnene MEME103 og/eller MEME107.
Krav til studierett

Dette emnet har krav til studierett i Bachelorprogrammet i kunst og tilbys studenter i sitt andre semester.

Studenter i andre semester i masterprogrammet og fjere semester i bachelorprogrammet i kunst kan også søke opptak til emnet, men opptaket til emnet vil prioritere bachelorstudenter i sitt andre semester.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer
  • Demonstrations
  • Group workshop(s)
  • Self-directed studio practice
  • Peer critique
  • Individual/ group tutoring
  • Obligatorisk undervisningsaktivitet
    Minst 80% tilstedeværelse er forventet.

    Kunstnerlisk innlevering.

    Summative "portfolio" of practical course work.

    The module is evaluated every third year in accordance with UiB's Quality System.
    Programstyret har ansvar for fagleg innhald og oppbygging av studiet og for kvaliteten på studieprogrammet med emner.
    Administrativt ansvarleg
    Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design holds the administrative responsibility for the module and studyprogram.