CCBIO seminar og symposium

Ph.D. -course

Course description

Course content

The seminar series at the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) are meant to provide an overview and deeper insight into the research field of cancer biomarkers. Both members of CCBIO and invited local, national and international speakers will hold talks during the seminar series.

The seminar series consists of monthly seminars, and include the yearly CCBIO symposium at Solstrand.

The goal is to provide students, PhD candidates, postdocs and researchers in CCBIO with an overview of different disciplines in bioscience. The PhD candidates will be trained in listening to, interpreting and reflecting over scientific presentations in English. They will also be trained in scientific writing.

The seminar programme can be found at:

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this course the candidate should:


  • Know and use terminology used in a broad range of bioscientific areas of relevance for CCBIO.
  • Become acquainted with and evaluate different aspects of current "state-of-the-art" developments that lead to new scientific breakthroughs.


  • Make an individual assessment of a scientific presentation and formulate high standard reports.
  • Acquired sufficient experience to be able to demonstrate improved writing capability following suggestions/discussion with experienced scientists.
  • Handle complex academic issues and challenge established knowledge and practice in the field.
  • Obtain a satisfactory basis for developing high standard presentation techniques.

General qualifications:

  • Be able to identify and define a future project having developed a broader scientific horizon.
  • Be able to communicate and perform individual scientific research through recognized national and international channels.
  • Be able to participate in debates in the field in international forums.

Study period

Spring and autumn (2 consecutive semesters).

Credits (ECTS)

3 credits (75-90 hours student work time).

Course location

Faculty of Medicine
Language of instruction
Course registration and deadlines
Candidates at the University of Bergen must register via StudentWeb ( before 1st of February
Master's degree or equivalent education level is required, with the exception of students on the Medical Student Research Programme.
Recommended Previous Knowledge
Medical or health related educational background or PhD project related to medical / health related research.
Part of training component
PhD course, recommended for candidates who are affiliated with the CCBIO Research School for Biomarker Studies (RSBS).
Form of assessment

To pass the course, the candidate must:

  • Participate at the information meetings.
  • Participate at a minimum of 10 seminars in two semesters (attendance is registered at the seminars).
  • Participate at 2-day CCBIO conference.
  • Submit a report each semester. The reports have to be filled in according to specified guidelines provided at course start. Each report has to consist of 2-3 pages written in English. Each student is called in to a mandatory review of corrected reports together with the course coordinator at the end of the 2nd semester. The course coordinator utilizes a special performance form when evaluating the reports.

Grading scale:

Pass / Fail

Course overlap
Parts of the course overlap with Biomed380. Candidates will not get dissemination points (FORMIDL901), for the presentation held at the course, in addition to course credits received when passing the course.
Supplementary course information

Teaching methods:

  • Information meetings (mandatory) for all participants.
  • Monthly seminars (mandatory participation in 10 seminars in 2 semesters).
  • Yearly 2-day CCBIO conference (Solstrand).
  • One-to-one meetings with the course coordinator to go through the reports (mandatory).
  • Two information meetings, each of 1 hour duration.
  • 10-12 seminars, each of 2 hours duration (including preparation).
  • 2-day CCBIO conference, 20 hours in total including preparation.
  • 2 reports, requiring 20 hours of work each.
  • Two meetings with the course coordinator, each of 1.5 hours.
Academic responsible
Donald Gullberg, James Lorens og Lars Akslen.
The seminar leader will initiate and lead the seminar.
Reading list
Abstracts posted on internet in connection with seminars. Relevant Research articles in connection with the scientific reports.