Clinical Pharmacy

Undergraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

The course will give students an introduction to clinical pharmacy. Students will develop basic clinical skills during the course. The course also provides a basic introduction to communication in pharmaceutical counseling in general health problems.

Learning Outcomes

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Level of Study


Semester of Instruction


Place of Instruction

Department of Clinical Sciences
Required Previous Knowledge
Access to the Course
Master`s Programme in Pharmacy
Teaching and learning methods

This unit will include:

Seminars, lectures and placements in Hospital and Primary Health Care, corresponding to 8 ECTS

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance
  • Mandatory attendance at all workshops and placements, including TVEPS.
  • Mandatory attendance for all lectures (maximum 20% absence from lectures allowed).
  • Digital test, multiple choice (80% pass)
  • Reflective essay
  • All mandatory activities must be passed to be able to participate in the OSCE-exam.
    Students have three attempts to pass the digital test.

    Forms of Assessment

    OSCE-exam, consists of three individual parts:

    1. Medicine information, 2. Responding to symptoms, 3. Medical information

    10 minutes for each part, total 30 minutes.

    No support materials allowed.

    All parts must be passed in order to pass the course. If you fail one or more parts, you must repeat the part/parts you have failed.

    Grading Scale
    Assessment Semester
    Course Evaluation
    The students evaluate the teaching according to the Quality Assurance System at the University of Bergen