Scientific Dissemination

Ph.D. -course

Course description

Course content

The compulsory scientific dissemination activities in the training component at the Faculty of Medicine are approved together as FORMIDL901. FORMIDL901 gives 6 ECTS credits when the activities have been approved by the faculty.

Dissemination of academic information (6 credits) comprises teaching such as lectures, presentation of research results at congresses or conferences. A popular science contribution may also be approved.

for candidates admitted before 2011: Dissemination activities beyond 6 ECTS can be included in the elective part of the trainng component.

Study period

For approval of FORMIDL901 Scientific Dissemination (compulsory dissemination) the candidate must document activities that give at least 6 ECTS at the same time, but the activities themselves can be completed over a longer period of time.

The candidate must make sure that the training component is completed before one can apply to submit the PhD dissertation. This includes applying for approval of FORMIDL901.

Form of assessment

Communication as part of academic training shall be documented and certified by the supervisor in connection with an application for approval of dissemination activities. Documentation may include:

- Copies of published articles

- Copies of posters / abstracts and program conferences, research seminars, etc.

- Confirmation from the Head of Department or others in charge that the lectures have been given (note that the date and extent must be specified in the confirmation or the attached program or lecture series. etc.)