French - Master's Thesis

Postgraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

The master's thesis is an exercise in scientific research within the disciplines covered by the French subject (linguistics, literature, culture, didactics). The thesis must demonstrate the candidate's ability to work independently, long-term and systematically with a specifically defined problem within precise frameworks. The thesis is to be written in French and will normally be between 70 and 100 pages. A topic for the thesis is chosen in consultation with subject teachers at the beginning of the second semester. The student's supervisor will be assigned based on the submitted project outline. All master's students have the right to individual guidance on the basis of a guidance contract.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the student should have achieved the following learning outcomes:


The student:

  • Has broad knowledge within the subject area and in-depth knowledge within a specific area
  • Has basic knowledge of the central issues and methods in the chosen discipline


The student:

  • Can express in French academic issues, analyses, and conclusions, both orally and in writing within their own subject area
  • Can work independently and long-term with problem solving on the basis of academic knowledge
  • Can familiarise themselves with, and critically assess, theories, methods, and interpretations within the subject area
  • Can acquire and use knowledge in new areas within the subject

General competence

The student:

  • Can conduct a limited research or development project under supervision and in line with applicable research ethics norms
  • Knows the norms of academic writing
  • Can use ICT tools that are necessary to carry out independent work within the subject area
  • Can independently maintain their own competence development and specialisation
  • Can participate in the public debate when relevant to the subject area

ECTS Credits


Level of Study


Semester of Instruction

Spring, Autumn

Place of Instruction

Required Previous Knowledge
No previous knowledge required, but see advised knowledge level.
Recommended Previous Knowledge
French 100 or 200-level or an equivalent.
Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap
Access to the Course
The module is open to students accepted to the master's programme in French at the University of Bergen or NTNU.
Teaching and learning methods
The student will receive up to 30 hours of supervision.
Compulsory Assignments and Attendance


Master's students must enter into a supervision contract with an assigned supervisor. Assignment of supervisor(s) takes place in the first semester or, at the latest, during the second semester of the master's programme.

As part of the work on the thesis, students must present and have two papers approved at the pre-project seminar: one paper in which they present their project and one paper in which they comment on one of the other students' projects. The presentation of the student's own project must contain components on the problem, material used, method, and bibliography. Preparation for the project presentation must be completed in consultation with the supervisor. The presentation must be sent electronically to the course leader at least four days prior to the presentation.

The compulsory requirements are applicable for the entire period until the student has delivered the thesis.

Forms of Assessment

A thesis of 70-100 pages, written in French. An oral examination, which can adjust the grade awarded to the thesis by a single grade. Both parts of the exam must receive a passing grade in order to get a passing grade in the course.

As a general rule, all modules in the course section of the programme must be completed before the submission of the thesis.

Grading Scale
Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where F is a fail.
Assessment Semester
Spring and autumn
Reading List
Course Evaluation
Module evaluations are conducted in accordance with university's quality assurance system.
Examination Support Material
Not applicable
Programme Committee
The programme committee has responsibility for the academic content and the structure of the course and for the quality of the programme and all associated modules.
Course Coordinator
The programme committee for French
Course Administrator
The Faculty of Humanities at the Department of Foreign Languages has the responsibility for the administration of the module and the wider study programme.