Master of Health Science - Manual Therapy - Master thesis

Postgraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content


The aim of the master`s thesis is to acquire knowledge, through critically assessing sources, to promote the ability of critical analytic thinking and to employ scientific methods. Through the master`s thesis, the student will gain experience in completing a systematic study by means of scientific methods and perform it in a research ethical well founded way.


Through the master`s thesis, theory and practice is integrated, and problems related to examination and/or treatment of muscular/skeletal disorders will be studied in a scientific way.

The thesis shall follow drawn up guidelines for aim, extent and limit, form, type of paper and task, project plan, type of supervision, handing in, and evaluation. The thesis is an independent research work.

The master`s thesis can be an isolated work or it can be a selected, but independent part of an ongoing research project. Choice of research topic is made in co-operation with the teaching staff.

Learning Outcomes

Through the master's thesis, the student should show a knowledge-based and methodical reasoning in problems related to manual therapy. The student should actively use scientific literature and reflect a solid critical analytical reflection level. On completion of the course the student should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The student demonstrates:

  • insight in the subject
  • adequate use of scientific methods and analyses


The student:

  • can independently utilize relevant research methods
  • can critically analyse and interpret research results
  • can evaluate the relevance of different forms of examination and treatment against each other
  • can independently use scientifically based literature and references in a correct way
  • demonstrates an advanced level of reflection regarding relevant research ethical topics and choices

General competence

The student:

  • has a good ability regarding written presentation, structure and logics

ECTS Credits

The course MANT395 is 30 credits and constitutes one semester full-time study.

Level of Study

Master's level

Semester of Instruction

A research design should be written in the second semester in connection with the course HEL320 (Research methodology). The project plan must be completed and approved before February 1st in the third semester. The thesis is to be completed in the third and fourth semester, and handed in in the fourth semester.
Access to the Course
Studenter tatt opp i Klinisk masterstudium for fysioterapeuter i manuellterapi (MFMT)
Teaching and learning methods

The thesis is to be individually written in the last year of study and is equivalent to one semester full time work. The limit is 10.000 words (+/- 10%), not including references and tables/figures.

The student is entitled to in total 20 hours of supervision individually and in groups. Parts of this supervision may be ICT based. In addition, the student may attend courses in literature search, proper use of sources and source references, as well as research ethics related to use of sources etc.

Forms of Assessment

Before the student may take the final clinical exam in manual therapy, he/she must have passed all former assignments and exams and have handed in the master thesis. By application, the master`s thesis can be handed in after the clinical exam, if particular causes are given.

Internal and external examiner

Grading Scale
Grading scale A-F
Reading List
Literature that found the basis for the students` learning activity will be suggested. This may be used in the different exams and assessments.