Conservation Methods for Hyperbolic Differential Equations

Postgraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

The course gives an introduction to hyperbolic conservation laws and to numerical methods for solving the equations. In the analytic part of the course one considers both for scalar equations and for a system of equations, topics as waves, entropy conditions and the solution of the Riemann problem. In the numerical part of the course one discusses topics as conservation, monotony, stability and accuracy of methods used.

Learning Outcomes

The course is suitable for Master's- and Ph.D students

Semester of Instruction

Irregular, course will be offered if it is on this course list: Workbook: Emneliste for innreisende utvekslingsstudenter (

Required Previous Knowledge
Recommended Previous Knowledge
MAT234 Partial Differential Equations and MAT260 Scientific Computing 2
Forms of Assessment
Oral examination
Grading Scale
The grading scale used is A to F. Grade A is the highest passing grade in the grading scale, grade F is a fail.