Introduction to Medical Technology

Undergraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

This course provides basic knowledge about modern laboratory methods and technology used in medical diagnosis, treatment and research. The course provides the background and use of advanced medical-technical equipment for imaging, visualization and treatment of diseases and instrumental procedures for molecular and genetic analysis of human samples. Furthermore, ethical issues and procedures in the handling of patient data from imaging and laboratory analyses are discussed. The course takes a practical approach to the topics treated with site visits and secondments.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the student should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:



The students

  • possess basic knowledge of medical technology in practice
  • know the distribution of the working tasks in medical technology departments specialized in chemistry and physics
  • comprehend a good understanding of the various areas within medical technology include diagnostics and treatment



The students

  • can utilize scientific knowledge on issues in medicinal technology and make reasoned choices.
  • masters relevant professional techniques and forms of expression
  • can serach for, assess and make references to information and subject matter

General competence The students

  • possess an overview of central issues in medical technology
  • understand the relations between key principles in medical technology
  • convey theories, issues and solutions that are part of medical technology
  • can resonate around the ethical problem positions related to medical technology in practice

Semester of Instruction

Required Previous Knowledge
Recommended Previous Knowledge
Knowledge in chemistry, physics and mathematics corresponding to high school level.
Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap
Access to the Course
Access to the course requires admission to the Integrated Master¿s Programme in Medical Technology
Teaching and learning methods
The teaching will be provided as lectures, seminars and team assigments.
Compulsory Assignments and Attendance
Approvement of participation in all compulsory gatherings and compulsory group assingment. The compulsory activities are valid for two (2) consecutive semesters after the approval.
Forms of Assessment
Group assignment (50% of final grade) and final multiple choice exam (2 hours) constituting 50% of the final grade.
Assessment Semester
Autumn semester only.
Reading List
The reading list will be available within June 1st for the autumn semester and December 1st for the spring semester.
Course Evaluation
The course will be evaluated by the students in accordance with the quality control system at UiB and the department.
Examination Support Material
Programme Committee
The Programme Committee is responsible for the content, structure and quality of the programme and courses
Course Coordinator
Contact information for the course coordinator is avaialble at «Mitt UiB», alternatively contact the student advisor.
Course Administrator
The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Department of Chemistry are administratively responsible for the course.