Postgraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

Pharmacology is the study of interactions between medicinal drugs and the living organism. The following topics are taught in odontological pharmacology:

  • general pharmacology
  • local anaesthetics
  • analgesics
  • antimicrobial drugs
  • psychotropic drugs
  • anaesthetics/anxiolytics/sedatives
  • drugs for cardiovascular diseases
  • drugs affecting the blood
  • hormone medications
  • oral side effects of drugs
  • interactions
  • prescription studies
  • use of Felleskatalogen (The Norwegian Pharmaceutical Product Compendium of Medicinal Products marketed in Norway)

Learning Outcomes


The candidate should be able to:

  • explain basic concepts and definitions in general pharmacology.
  • explain the pharmacological properties of medicinal drugs used in dentistry.
  • explain the side effects of the drugs and drug interactions which could influence oral health.
  • explain the principle of drug effect on the body (pharmacodynamics).
  • explain the general principles for the uptake, distribution and metabolism of drugs in the body, as well as excretion from the body (pharmacokinetics).
  • explain the most important principle for how a drug acts on the target protein in the body.
  • know and explain the different pharmacological classes of drugs.


The candidate should be able to:

  • prescribe drugs set out in the Regulations relating to the Requisitioning and Dispensing of Drugs from Pharmacies in accordance with the patient's needs and general health.

General competence

The candidate has:

  • the necessary basis of pharamceutical knowledge to continue her/his further learning.
  • the ability to communicate with patients and health personell about the use of pharmaceuticals and about how they work and of possible side effects.
  • the ability to critically evaluate information about pharmaceuticals and literature about them.

ECTS Credits

3 ECTS credits

Level of Study


Semester of Instruction

Autumn, fifth semester
Required Previous Knowledge
Completed fourth semester of the study programme
Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap
Access to the Course
Master of Dentistry
Teaching and learning methods
The teaching includes a subject-specific series of lectures on pharmacology, and lectures integrated into other teaching. Teaching is also provided in the KOS block.
Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Group work is mandatory.

All teaching is mandatory, except for lectures. The student is responsible for reporting absences, and unexcused absences are not allowed.┬┐In addition to the attendance requirements, the academic requirements must be met, both in terms of the quality of the work and sufficient practice.

Forms of Assessment
A three-hour written exam will be held at the end of the semester.
Grading Scale
Assessment Semester
Reading List
The reading list will be ready within the 1st of July for the autumn semester.
Course Evaluation
The instruction will be evaluated in accordance with the quality assurance system at UiB.
Examination Support Material
Programme Committee
Programme committee of dental study programmes
Course Coordinator

Assistant professor Olayiwola Adekoya.

Course Administrator
Department of Clinical Dentistry